You’ve Been Duped. This Food Accelerates Aging.

Dr. Howard Leibowitz is the Anti Aging Doctor to the stars, including the queen of anti aging, Suzanne Somers.

I did an interview with him a couple of years ago. He understands the importance of non toxic skin care, so of course we hit it off.

I opened up my e-mail to find this article written by Dr. Liebowitz on dairy. It is such a great reminder, and makes total sense. It seems in this country that once an industry is born, everything is done to protect that industry even if the industry is making us sick. Let’s see, there’s the Tobacco industry, the GMO industry., the High Fructose Corn Syrup Industry..and the list goes on and on.

I rarely if ever eat dairy. I used to have a cup of coffee every morning with cream, but my body could no longer handle the cream. That was about the only time I had dairy. Wow, do I ever feel so much better since I gave it up.

I recently had all my nutritional levels checked and my calcium levels were very strong. Pretty amazing considering I don’t eat dairy. There goes the theory that you need milk for strong bones.

Thank you to Dr. Howard Liebowitz for reminding us about the real dangers of dairy.

Dangers of Dairy

What the USDA does NOT want you to Know About Dairy Products

By Dr. Howard Liebowitz

One of the worst foods you can eat is Dairy. That is anything which is derived from milk. It doesn’t matter if its a goat, sheep cow or Raw. It is all unfit for human consumption.
Milk is designed to help infants get a start in life and grow. It is not for adults of any species.
Humans and all mammals lose the digestive enzymes to break down the milk proteins in adulthood.
Milk is loaded with growth factors, hormones, fats, antibiotics all designed to make a newborn animal reach its adult size of 200-400 pounds in a year and a half. What do you think those hormones, growth factors and nutrients do to an adult human?
Fibroids, weight gain, insulin resistance, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, prostate cancer, colon cancer and breast cancer, not to mention osteoporosis.
Studies have shown that women who ingest the most dairy products have the worst osteoporosis. Now isn’t that curious? Just what you thought would prevent it with all that calcium is making it worse. Yes, its the dairy enzymes, proteins and hormones actually weakening the bones.
Other studies have shown that the people who ingest the most dairy have the most diseases of ALL kinds compared to people who don’t eat dairy products. And, it is directly dose dependent. Meaning, the more ingested the more illnesses.
Think about it. Why would you want to drink a liquid that’s sole purpose is to make a newborn calf grow into a 400 pound cow in 18 months?
And, it doesn’t matter what form the liquid is ingested in; whether it is pressed into cheese, or curdled into yogurt, or blended into ice cream or whipped into cream. It is all the same. Loaded with hormones and growth factors that will produce inflammation and destroy your metabolism.
Humans were never designed to eat milk products after infancy. Paleo Man,from whence our genetics evolved could never get milk from a wild animal. He would have been trampled to death if he tried.
So dairy only became a part of our diet 7,000-10,000 years ago when we learned how to domesticate animals and make them stand still without killing us so we could milk them.
Human genetics predates this dawn of the agricultural revolution by 300,000- 400,000 years, and hasn’t changed since then.
In addition to all of the horrible health consequences of eating dairy, it is the most harmful industry to our environment. The amount of land, water and grain to grow cattle to produce milk is having the most devastating effect on the planet. Rain forests are being destroyed daily not only for grazing land but also to grow more grain to feed these milk producing animals. They eat hundreds of pounds of grain every day, and produce the most devastating amount of toxic methane gas.
If we didn’t have to grow grain to feed dairy cows, there would be no world hunger.
Dairy cows eat better than millions of starving people in the world.
We could utilize the grains we feed the cows to feed starving people.
If you don’t believe me check out the brilliant Netflix Documentary film COWSPIRACY. It is absolutely horrifying!
So you can easily improve your health and at the same time help our beautiful struggling planet by Stop eating ALL DAIRY PRODUCTS NOW ! PLEASE ! Your body and your Planet will thank you.
For more info on Dr. Howard Liebowitz click here.