What you Need to Know about Eyebrows

Have you ever noticed that a lot of older woman have no eyebrows left? Unfortunately they are paying the price of a fashion fad long ago, pencil thin eyebrows.

I remember when I started wearing makeup and plucking my eyebrows my hairdresser Granny warned me.

“Do not ever, ever, ever, pluck your eyebrows thin. If you do, you will end up like so many woman who followed the fashion trends, only to end up with no eyebrows in their 60’s and beyond”.

You see the older you get, your eyebrows will naturally thin out/fall out, so if you want to have anything left after that natural thin out, it is best to never pluck your eyebrows thin.

Take a look at what I mean.

Pamela Anderson

I hope Pamela Anderson has let her eyebrows grow back since this picture was taken, or she will end up with no eyebrows in her older years.

If you have eyebrows that are too thin. There is hope. Cassandra Bankson has some great tips and products that will help you grow your eyebrows back.


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