Up to 68% More Effective than Jogging

Who knew you could get such fabulous results with such a low impact work out.

According to NASA, rebounding, aka “jumping on a trampoline” is up to 68% more effective as a form of working out than jogging. Rebounding provides all the benefits of weight bearing exercise without the trauma or danger of injury. This means that rebounding actually helps your bones get stronger.

I love jumping on the trampoline. Why?

  • No athletic skills needed
  • Great for all ages
  • You can barely bounce or jump really high and still get major benefits
  • Only exercise that stimulates entire lymphatic system to release toxins
  • Oxygenates every cell in your body
  • Tightens your core (aka stomach muscles)
  • No real mental focus needed
  • No special clothing needed
  • It’s fun


A few years ago I bought a trampoline as a Christmas present for my kids. Truth be told, I bought it for me too! I jump 20 minutes every day. I love how easy and convenient it is. I don’t have to go anywhere or get “dressed” in special clothes. The only thing that stops me is the rain, which doesn’t happen very often here sunny California.

Cher ReboundsSomeone told me that Cher is a jumper. All I can say is that it sure works wonders for her.


You don’t have to have a big fancy expensive trampoline. You can get a small rebounder and jump inside in front of the TV. My Mom got one for her birthday. What a great gift idea! She started out jumping during commericals and then worked her way up to an entire show.

Rebounding aka “jumping” is easy, inexpensive and fun. Go ahead and start jumping toward better health and ageless beauty.

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