Unique Skin Care Gets Results

Skin care is a must for every ageless beauty wannabe. There is so much to choose from and so many new lines being developed its hard to find something that really stands out.

sweet-science---suite-science-travel-kitSweet Science

I have found something so unique and so impressive.

Actually, my neighbor who reads my blog is friends with a neighbor who developed Sweet Science Self Blended Skincare. That’s how I ended up with a beautiful bag full of the entire line to try.

I have to admit I was very hesitant. I had never been given free product to try. What if I didn’t like it? After all, I will never write a favorable review for a product I am not 100% behind.

As I looked further and did more research I realized that Sweet Science Self Blended Skin Care is formulated with some of the exact super beauty foods that I have blogged about.

Look at these amazing ingredients:

• Blue Green Algae: Tightens fine lines and reduces redness.
• Chamomile Extract: Alleviates skin irratation.
• Chrysanthemum: Delays the signs of aging and reduces inflammation.

Cucumber peel extract: helps tighten the skin while soothing inflammation.
• Custard Apple extract: contains malic acid, a type of alpha hydroxy acid that refine the skin
• Flax Seed Extract: A versatile carrier oil that delivers moisture and vitamins deep into the skin.
• Gingko Biloba: Helps protect against UV rays and promotes collagen production.
• Goji Berry Extract: An anti-oxidant thats also extremely high in Vitamin C.
• Green tea extract: Contains antioxidants that help fight damge caused by free radicals.
• Hibiscus Extract: Can create elasticity in the skin and helps maintain firmness.
• Horse Chestnut: reduces redness and helps shrink broken capillaries in the face.

Horsewillow Extract: Reduces puffiness and helps the skin form connective tissues.
• Licorice Root Extract: Helps fade skin discolorations.
• Rose Canina Extract: Skin softening properties without oil. Also very high Vitamin C content.
• Thyme: has strong anti-bacterial and cleansing properties owing to its essential oils, tannins and organic acids.
• Peppermint Extract: increases circulation, & also possesses natural antiseptic and antibacterial properties which tone the skin and revitalize dull complexions.

Reishi Mushroom: enhances cellular immunity and improves hydration.
• Roman Chamomile: the most popular herbal supplements in Europe, Chamomile extract is commonly used for its soothing effects and its anti-inflammatory properties.

If you have been following me you may recall I have written posts on Blue Green Algae, Green Tea, Flax seed, and Goji Berries….all super beauty foods.

I am also very conscious of toxic ingredients in skin care. I was thrilled to see that Sweet Science has

  • No Parabens
  • No Silicones like dimethicone
  • No Sulfates

The most unique thing about Sweet Science is also the most brilliant. It is the reason I got visible results from Sweet Science Self Blended Skincare

You may not know that the minute an active ingredient is added to a cream or serum it starts to lose strength.

Even the most expensive skin care lines are formulated to have a shelf life of 3 – 5 years. By the time you have bought these expensive products the active ingredients are very weak and have lost potency.

The exact thing you paid top dollar for, those active ingredients, are too weak to fully work.
Sweet Science active ingredients

Sweet Science solution is a Self-Blended system. The active ingredients come in a separate vial. You add them when you are ready to start using them, ensuring they are fresh, active, and very potent.

This also allows you to customize your skin care based on your own skin needs.

Look at this amazing list of active ingredients
• Argireline: Powerful anti-aging ingredient found in many well known brands.
• Azeloyl Glycine: Reduces breakouts, kills bacteria found in acne and rosacea ( redness).
• Bisabolol: Anti-inflammatory and used to treat blemish prone skin. Aids in the penetration of active ingredients.
• Coenzyme 10: helps promote cell production & protects the skin from UV rays.
• Copper Peptide: Anti-aging active & promotes the production of collagen.
• D’Orientine S: derived from the date palm, helps delay the signs of aging and help fight free radicals.
• Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein: Creates a natural moisture barrier to the skin and nice slip to the product, keeping the skin soft, without dimethicone, an extremely common skin clogging ingredient.
• Lemon Peel Bio-Enzyme: Helps fade discolorations of the skin. It is comparable to Hydroquinone, but without the dangers.
• Lutein Concentrate: Helps protect against UV rays, reduses redness and wrinkling of the skin.
• Lycopene Concentrate: Rich in anti-oxidants & reduces inflammation, which is a major cause of aging skin & helps correct sun damage.
• Melon Enzyme Concentrate: An exfoliating enzyme. Removes dead skin cells gently while supplying the skin with vitamins.
• Mitochondria Concentrate: Dramatically increase cell production and promotes cellular health.
• Niacinamide (vitamin B3): Shown to stimulate collagen production and reduce oil production. Reduces hyperpigmentation and redness.
• Oxygen 8: facilitates the transfer of oxygen into the skin and helps to release skin damaging carbon dioxide; allows the skin to repair itself.
• Perfluorodecalin: allows the transfer of oxygen into & carbon dioxide out of the skin, allowing the skin to repair & rebuild.
• Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate/ ascorbic acid: 2 types of vitamin c that have skin revitalizing effects and help fend off skin damaging free radicals.

If I had to choose my favorite product out of the line it would be the

Sweet Science Vitamin C Serum Complex

Vitamin C Serum Complex

I am a huge fan of Vitamin C. It is essential for building collagen which in turn firms the skin and reduces sagging. The Vitamin C Serum Complex also has Retinol and Amino Acids which brighten and firm the skin. It comes with active ingredients Argireline, which helps reduce the signs of aging, and Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) which helps keep skin clear and fad discolorations.

Every product in the entire line is under $50. Sweet Science Self Blended Skin Care is one of the most amazing “bang for your skin care buck” on the market today.

My only regret is that I did not start using this product the day it was delivered.