Top 3 Anti Aging Tips from Celebrity Anti Aging Doctor

I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Howard Liebowitz, Suzanne Somer’s and Dr. Phil’s anti aging doctor about Herbal Face Food. He has had an amazing personal experience with Herbal Face Food, and is thrilled with what it is doing for his patients.

Of course there was one more thing I was dying to ask and he graciously agreed to share with you.

Dr. Liebowitz explains his top 3 anti aging tips for The Ageless Beauty Report.

The first anti aging tip will probably not surprise you, but I can tell you that a regular MD would not put as much emphasis on this. In fact my regular internist, who I no longer go to, never ever had a conversation with me about this subject.

The 3rd anti aging tip is about hormones. Most everyone knows about night sweats and mood swings when it comes to menopause, but there are a lot more dire health issues going on when a woman or a man start to lose hormones. (yes men lose hormones too, it’s called andropause) I am personally a big believer in bio identical hormones, click here to read.

Elle Macpherson

(Keep in mind that super model Elle McPherson’s anti aging secret is that she has her hormones checked every 3 months to keep her healthy, feeling good, and to slow down the aging process. I would say she looks amazingly young for being 49)

Enjoy this 1:34 sec video clip. Dr. Liebowitz shares great anti aging info for anyone interested in slowing down the aging process.