Girl Face Care

Time Proved my Mother was Right.

Growing up in Texas it seemed almost everyone was in to making sure they looked their best before stepping out of the house. Hair done, make-up on.

So it wasn’t that big of a deal that my mother always taught her three daughters to do the same, but not for vanity reasons. She always said that you need your make-up on to protect your skin from the sun and wind, and that one day we would thank her.

Well that day has come now that I am only months away from 50. I do see that my skin still looks good and I especially notice how people I know that are around my age who do not wear make-up have aged much faster.

girl, skin careI also have to tell you about my mother’s mother, dear old Granny. My Granny owned a Merle Norman cosmetic studio for 65 years. She was very in to taking care of her skin, cleansing and moisturizing and yes wearing make-up. I want you to know that when she died at the age of 86 she did not have a wrinkle on her… sagging skin yes, but no wrinkles. Proof that taking care of your skin goes a long way to looking younger longer.

I was in the 6th grade when my Mom started me out cleansing and moisturizing my skin morning and night and wearing light make-up, translucent powder and a little mascara. I look back on that and realize now that the most important part of that was developing good habits at a young age. Just like brushing my teeth every morning and night, I got into the habit of taking care of my skin.

If you have a young daughter, now is the time to teach her good habits that will help her look younger longer. One day she will thank you!.