The Ultimate Online Community for Women

Women love women.

No I’m not saying we are all lesbians, but we do share a common bond that most men just can’t comprehend.

Day of Shopping

I am saying that, just like the air we breathe, and the food we eat, women crave female companionship to not only survive but thrive in a world where the media has created an “impossible to live up to” image of a successful woman.


Women need a place, a community to “lighten up, unload, identify, and network”. A place where women are sharing what real everyday women are doing, thinking and saying.

Creators of Wine Women and Chocolate is the ultimate online community for women.

Catherine Curry Williams and Barbara Carratala Bonds, real women of Hollywood who juggle family, home and career, have taken their real life community of friends and invited the whole world to join them online.

I am happy to disclose that I am one of those friends.

Wine for women

I would describe a visit to Wine Women and Chocolate like a virtual night out with my girl friends, where we whine, wine and dine. We laugh, we share and we may even cry.

Retail Therapy

We discuss the absolute “best bang for your buck” therapy, you know retail therapy, we discuss “the hook up” no I am not talking about sex, although we always get around to that topic at some point, I am talking about sharing our network of personal services and goods that we love.

Women who love wine

Eventually after a glass of wine or two we do a little soul talking, baring our innermost thoughts, hopes, dreams, experiences and beliefs.

Having a community of women friends to turn to is vital to the well-being of every ageless beauty wannabe.

I strongly recommend you widen your “community” and become part of what is destined to become a worldwide phenomenon that makes a difference in the lives of women.

Look up, the ultimate online hook up for women.

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