The Ultimate Anti Aging Tea

I have never been much of a tea drinker. Growing up in the Midwest, we were one of the very few families that did NOT drink sweetened ice tea with every meal.

Well that has all changed for me now that I have discovered the true healing and anti aging benefits of tea.

Not just any tea though. Definitely not the tea you buy in bags at the grocery store. And NEVER EVER sweetened tea.

My first foreray into tea was the Pau D’Arco Tea, the only tea that comes from the bark of the only tree that does not get fungus. The healing properties of this tea are quite amazing. Read Healing Tea Creates Youthful Skin

Well now I have another tea you can add to your anti aging regimen.

A tea that truly is the ultimate anti aging tea.

Science even backs this one up.

Arctic Chaga Tea

I was introduced to this specific strain of Chaga that is grown in Alaska, at my very first Longevity Conference.

I liked the way it tasted. This is big for me. If it doesn’t taste good, the odds are you won’t continue to drink it.

The other thing that caught my attention was the ORAC score. Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity measures the amount or level of antioxodants. The ORAC score for Artic Chaga was off the charts.



Wow is that not amazing? Artic Chaga beats out the Acai berry, and even regular Chaga by a landslide.

David Wolfe, the world’s #1 expert on superfoods, did a presentation at that same Longevity Conference on the correlation between colors in food and their nutritional content.

We learned that the most powerful food on the planet is the color black.

Well guess what, chaga is black, really black.

What exactly is Chaga?

Arctic Chaga MushroomChaga is a mushroom grown on wild birch trees. It is a really rich source of nutrients and antioxidants including B vitamins, minerals, sterols, beta glucans, and enzymes. When it is grown in colder climates, such as Alaska or Siberia, it is even more powerful.

Most importantly Arctic Chaga is the worlds top source of the antioxidant enzyme superoxide dismutaste (SOD)

SOD is an enzyme that must be present in the body for optimal health and to radically slow down the aging process.

SOD converts dangerous forms of oxygen, (the kind that damages and/or destroy cells) to oxygen gas, the type of oxygen we breathe. This is why this molecule is extremely essential to life.

Aging is the result of tissue damage due to oxidation, from internal metabolic processes, X-ray’s, EMF’s, Radiation, Junk Food and even too much Sunlight. All of this leads to inflammation, the #1 cause of all disease and aging.

SOD stops this process. In fact SOD is the single most powerful antioxidant on the planet.

3500 times more powerful than Vitamin C.

SOD stops aging in its tracks.

In 1984, Richard Cutler of the National Institutes of Health discovered that a variety of animals SOD levels correspond with the length of life as well as the vigor of life.

Here is where it gets really interesting. Humans have the highest level of SOD of any mammals and also live the longest. Chimpanzees have about half the human levels of SOD and have half the lifespan.

Another interesting fact. Trees contain the highest amounts of SOD. Trees have the longest lifespan of any living thing on this earth.

Chaga is also credited with giving Soviet Olympic athletes a competitive edge. It certainly makes sense. Chaga reduces tissue damage while increasing the beneficial oxygen levels. You can work out harder, and longer without damaging the body.

The Russians have long known about the health benefits of Chaga. The Siberians who lived in the most harsh weather, drank the tea on a daily basis and routinely lived to be 100. The Intuits who lived in equally harsh climate did not drink Chaga tea and had the average lifespan of 50.

Event the great Russian novelist Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn wrote about Chaga in his novel The Cancer Ward. “He could not imagine any greater joy than to go away into the woods for months on end, to break off this chaga, crumble it, boil it up on a campfire, drink it and get well, like an animal.”

In 1955 Moscow’s Medical Academy of Science would go on to validate the healing properties of Chaga. It is routinely used in Russia to this day to aid in the healing of every issue you could possibly name, including lung conditions, gastrointestinal disorders, infections, skin diseases and even cancer.

When I discovered that Arctic Chaga contains more SOD than any food on the planet I was amazed. I already knew about the anti aging importance of SOD from anti aging pioneer Joe McCord. He was one of the first here in the US to study SOD. He also developed a natural supplement called Protandim, that I personally take, that increases the body’s SOD. You can read more about Protandim read Fountain of Youth in a Pill.

The tea taste great. It has amazing anti aging properties and can aid in the healing of chronic and even serious disease. I also believe what can help you heal can also help prevent.

Drinking Arctic Chaga tea is a no brainer. I even make smoothies with it. You can also take your used tea bag, freeze it, use it again, or open it up and put in your smoothies or soups.

The Ageless Beauty Report offers Arctic Chaga Tea. 


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