The Shocking Truth Not Being Told About Breast Cancer

Waking the Warrior Goddess

A few years ago I read a book called “Waking The Warrior Goddess” by Dr. Christine Horner. I was so impressed.

I even wrote about her book on this site.

Dr. Christine Horner and Cathey Painter

Last week I had the great pleasure of meeting Dr. Horner in person.


Turns out she is a friend of a good friend of mine, Dr. Hillary Smith, who I have also written about on this site . Dr. Hillary Smith is a Level III Clinical Thermographer, please read No More Mammograms for Me.

Dr. Christine Horner was a plastic surgeon who specialized in breast reconstructive surgery after breast cancer. She was horrified that insurance companies were refusing to pay for breast reconstructive surgery. The denial letters stated “not medically necessary” “no medical need to reconstruct an organ with no function”.

Those two statements awoke the Warrior Goddess in Dr. Horner and history has forever been changed because of it.

Dr. Christine Horner made it her mission to get legislation passed requiring all insurance companies to pay for breast reconstructive surgery. It was a long and arduous road, but she didn’t stop there.

Fed up with seeing younger and younger women suffering from breast cancer, and the fact that her own mother had died of breast cancer, she decided to do her own research.

What she discovered shocked and angered her.

Study after study showed what caused breast cancer

Yes the cause of breast cancer is known and has been known for decades and there are studies that prove it.

The Good News: 95% of all breast cancer CAN BE PREVENTED.

I certainly like knowing that I can prevent this dreaded disease.

Learning this information, made me mad too.

  • Why is this information not taught in school?
  • Why isn’t every news broadcast reporting on this?
  • Why are doctors not advising their patients on how to prevent breast cancer?

Dr. Horner did this research 20 years ago. Just think of the lives that could have been saved if this information had been publicized, advertised, taught in schools, and programs developed .

There is a reason this information is not being widely publicized.

Just imagine if 95% of all breast cancer cases disappeared. This would cause the “Breast Cancer Industry” to collapse. Make no mistake, this is an industry that rakes in billions of dollars.

Then all those things that are known to contribute to the development of Breast Cancer, would also go away.

We are talking about even more dollars.

I want to make sure that all my readers know what they can do to prevent breast cancer.

Every women in this country should have a copy of

Waking the Warrior Goddess

Dr. Christine Horner’s Book Waking The Warrior Goddess Third Edition.

Everything that is scientifically known about preventing breast cancer is in this book.

Her book should be made into a class taught in every middle school, high school and college across America.

Knowledge is the golden key, and Prevention is always the best cure.

If you already have breast cancer or are a breast cancer survivor, this book is for you too.

The book is very comprehensive, but I want to touch on a couple of highlights.

Excess Estrogen and Breast Cancer

Estrogen is the hormone that causes female characteristics to develop, such as body shape, voice, skin texture and much more. Estrogen also makes breast tissue grow by causing the breast cells to divide.

Too much estrogen causes the breast cells to divide too rapidly and to keep on dividing. Every time a cell divides there is a chance for a mistake to happen that leads to cancer. Usually the body’s own “repair crew” comes in and saves the day. But if the “repair crews” are overwhelmed, they can’t keep up and cancer cells start to grow.

Causes of Excess Estrogen

Consuming “bad fats” can elevate your estrogen levels. Bad fats include saturated animals fats from red meat and high fat dairy products. Also any fat that is “hydrogenated” or partially hydrogenated.

Bipshenol A or BPA found in plastic mimics estrogen, accelerating the growth of breast cancer. Just stop and think how many things you come in contact on a daily basis that involve plastic. Practically all the food you eat, the water you drink, and many of the everyday household items we use.

BPA is even in the lining of canned foods.

Pesticides also act as estrogen mimickers. This is why eating organic is so important. Any processed food you eat that is not labeled organic, is full of pesticides.

It is certainly easy to see why there is such a big problem with “excess estrogen”.

To remedy this problem for everyone the pesticide industry needs to disappear, the plastic industry needs to disappear, and the hydrogenated oil industry needs to disappear.

EMFs and Breast Cancer

Electrical Magnetic Field exposure is linked to breast cancer. A review of eleven occupational studies found a 65% increased risk of breast cancer in premenopausal women who had jobs with significant EMF exposure. EMF’s disrupt certain hormones, especially melatonin. Melatonin is known as the sleep hormone, but it is also the master antioxidant of the body. EMF’s come from wireless internet, cell phones, computers, ipads, and even from clock radios, electric blankets, and televisions. A German study published in Cancer Research in 2002 found that just 50HZ EMF’s (normal household wiring and equipment such as clock radios give off 60HZ) caused breast cancer tumors to start growing and even accelerated their growth.

If you use your cell phone or ipad in your house, your EMF’s are much higher than 60 HZ, so this is a truly dire situation that needs to be looked at.

One thing you can do, is turn everything off at night, especially your wireless internet.

As dismal as this information seems, the good news is that there is so much you can do to avoid the bad stuff, and fill up on the good stuff, all laid out in the book.

Cruciferous vegetables will help usher excess estrogen out of the body, and you can limit your exposure to EMFs by turning devices off.

One of the things I want to make sure you know about is a supplement that Dr. Horner helped create to prevent breast cancer.

Protective Breast Formula

Protective Breast Formula is a dietary supplement that contains essential ingredients that address the five critical areas of breast health.

  • Hormonal Balance
  • Detoxification
  • Immune Support
  • Defense Against Free Radical Damage
  • Balanced Cytokine Response

The results have been absolutely astonishing. During the development of this product, it was sent to Thermographers to give to their patients whose Thermography results showed physiological changes in the breast. These patients were given the Protective Breast Formula to take for 3 months and then given another Thermography. Most of these patients had their physiological changes go back to normal.

Way before breast cancer shows up on a mammogram, there are physiological changes that can be detected by Thermography.

For those of you not familiar with Thermography, it is an FDA approved medical device that can be used to detect breast cancer 7 – 8 years before a mammogram can, by measuring the physiological changes that are a precursor to breast cancer. A picture is taken of your breast. There is no squishing and no radiation.

Dr. Horner also warns about the dangers of radiation, (which causes cancer) from mammograms in her book. She recommends sonograms and thermography.

I feel so strongly that we must take 100% responsibility for our own health. I have personally learned this lesson over and over. Doctors are not in the prevention business and sadly our schools are not teaching it either.

You must educate yourself. It is a huge reason that I continue to write The Ageless Beauty Report.

I want to get the word out on how to create optimal health, prevent breast cancer and in the process slow down aging.

Waking The Warrior Goddess by Dr. Christine Horner is full of information that could literally cause 95% of all breast cancer diagnoses to never ever happen in the first place.

Now that thought makes my heart sing.

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