The Real Reason You are Not Losing Weight

Weight has become a national focus in this country for a good reason.

America is the fattest nation in the world.

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These numbers are jaw dropping, shameful, and inexcusable. Where have we gone wrong?

We are the richest nation in the world, yet we are the fattest. We also happen to be the sickest nation in the world despite spending much more on health care than the rest of the world.

The Two Big Reasons We are in this Situation

1. Lack of Nutrition

We have come to rely on processed, fast food as the main stay of our diets. Most people recognize that McDonalds and Carl’s Junior is processed fast food. But did you know that just about every food that comes in a package, a box, a jar, or carton is also processed food and therefore is lacking the nutrients the body requires.

Most restaurants, even “nice” restaurants are using processed ingredients to create what seems like a homemade dish but in reality is devoid of real nutrition.

The body is so smart. It is after one thing. It needs minerals and nutrients to function properly and to stay alive. If the mainstay of your diet is processed food your body sends signals to eat more, in hopes of getting enough nutrients.

A perfect example. Try eating a raw potato. Most people can only eat 1/2 of one. Now take 2 or 3 of the same kind of potato, thinly slice them and deep fry them. Many people can eat all of those fried potatoes in one sitting. This is because when you eat the raw potato you are getting some nutrition, but when you slice and fry the potato you have cooked the nutrition right out of it and therefore your body keeps telling you to eat more in hopes of getting some nutrition.

2. Toxic Overload

Recently I was at an all day seminar on toxic overload and weight reduction. There were two naturopath doctors that had been studying the effect toxins have on weight loss. What they discovered was that they could put patients who were 50 lbs or more overweight on a healthy diet and they would not lose any weight. This was shocking and frustrating. When they put these same patients on a detox program they immediately began releasing weight.

The detox program also worked for patients who had reached a plateau in their weight reduction journey.

What they discovered is that the body protects itself from toxins by encapsulating them in fat. The body knows that releasing the fat will also release the toxins and possibly put the body in danger. Therefore many times the body needs extra help in releasing the toxins.

Another shocking result the naturopath doctors saw, was that the patients who did not change their diet, but followed the detox program, also lost weight.

Would you like to know more about this simple detox program? Then please leave a comment below. I am working on bringing this same program to my readers if there is a big enough interest.

We are being bombarded with toxins.

  • Food Supply contains pesticides, preservatives, food colorings, GMO’s and heavy metals.
  • Water Supply contains fluoride, chlorine, and heavy metals.
  • Personal Care Products contain mineral oil, chemical preservatives, parabens, sodium laurel sulfates, and many other toxic chemicals.
  • Vaccines and Medications contain mercury, aluminum, gmo’s, and much more.
  • The Air we breath is full of toxins and even our clothing and furniture can be full of toxins.

So first off we must avoid toxins as much as we can. Eat more real food, organic fruits and vegetables in their natural state. Raw or lightly cooked. Keep in mind that animals also store toxins in their fat, so avoid high fat animal meat. Stick with organic, grass fed lean cuts of meat or fish and chicken.

Also start reading labels on every product you buy. If you don’t recognize an ingredient then it is most likely toxic. When it comes to skin care, everything The Ageless Beauty Report offers is 100% toxic free.

The next step is to detox.

In today’s world we must gently detox every day in order to keep up with the bombardment of toxins lurking everywhere. There are some simple, painless ways to detox.

The Epsom Salt Bath – read The Luxurious Detox

Eat Foods that Detox – read The Heavy Metal Smoothie and Delicious Easy Beauty Detox

Drink half your weight in ounces of pure water every day – you must have adequate water intake to help flush out the toxins.


2,000 mg of Vitamin C 3 a day will chelate heavy metals out of the body. The Ageless Beauty Store carries a high quality Vitamin C that is manufactured in the United States with added nutrients for absorption.


Organic Sulfur from The Ageless Beauty Report is one of the most powerful and simple ways to detox.

Sulfur is a food, not a supplement. In fact our bodies are 4% Sulfur. We do not manufacture sulfur or store it, therefore we need to receive it from the food we eat. The problem is that most of our food supply is very deplete of sulfur due to the use of petrochemical fertilizers that deplete the soil of sulfur.

Sulfur is vital for cellular regeneration and normal cell replication. (cancer is cell replication gone mad)

The most amazing thing about sulfur is that it drags the oxygen from the water across the cell membrane. When this happens the cell is oxygenated (cancer can not live in an oxygenated system) and the cell opens up and releases the toxins.

Sulfur also crosses the blood brain barrier. Heavy metals tend to settle in fatty tissues. The highest concentration of fatty tissue is in the brain.

For more information on Sulfur read The Missing Nutrient Crucial for Health and Beauty

Warning: Do not consume Sulfur if you are on blood thinners, or are allergic to high sulfur containing foods such as broccoli, brussell sprouts, cauliflower, onions or garlic.

More ways to detox on a daily basis include:

  • Exercise
  • Dry Brushing
  • Infrared Sauna
  • Deep Breathing

The Comprehensive Scientific 28 day Detox

As I mentioned earlier I went to a 1 day seminar on weight loss and detox. I was really amazed to see the work these two doctors presented. Years ago I used to believe that there was only one reason people had a hard time losing weight and that was because they were “cheaters”. Now that I have done a lot of research, I know that there are many reasons the “body” hangs on to unwanted pounds. It can be due to psychological and emotional reasons, metabolism or hormone issues.

The biggest weight loss issue we face today may be due to toxic overload.

I was stunned to hear the case studies the naturopath doctors presented. Once these patients started on the detox program it was like a switch was flipped on that allowed the body to start releasing the unwanted pounds.

Even the patients who did not change their eating habits lost weight. Now that’s amazing.

The Comprehensive 28 day Detox consists of a nutritional shake that contains superfoods, minerals and nutrients that you drink mid morning and mid afternoon along with a supplement that you take twice a day.

I have personally found the program very easy to follow. You can choose to follow the diet plan that goes with it or to just eat a healthy diet.

If you think you would be interested in this program, please let me know. Leave a comment down below. If enough people are interested I will make it available via The Ageless Beauty Report.

Maintaining a normal body weight is vital to your overall physical and mental health and will also help you slow down the aging process. Detoxing on a daily basis is a powerful way to prevent the build up of toxins that may make losing weight much harder down the road.

The Ageless Beauty Report, dedicated to bringing you health and beauty information and products that slow down the aging process and create optimal health.