The Online Store for Aging Less, Living Longer, and Curing the Incurable?

Yes, I have found an amazing online store that everyone should know about. When I discovered how and why these products ended up in an online store that does no advertising, I was shocked and saddened. This is why I am back to blogging…I feel there is an urgent need to share some of the incredible ideas and products that the main stream media chooses to ignore.

Dr. Schulze’s Original Clinical Formulaes since 1979 came about because at age 16 he was diagnosed with a heart deformity and heart disease. The doctors told him that without open heart surgery he would be dead by the age of 20.

He declined to have surgery and went on a quest to discover alternative ways to heal his heart. He changed his diet, and immersed himself in hundreds of intensive alternative-lifestyle and Natural Healing programs, herbal-formulae and detoxification routines, fasting, flushing and health building programs.

Three years later, Dr. Schulze returned to the same doctors and was told that his heart had miraculously healed itself.

Dr. Schulze took these same protocols and opened up many clinics where thousands and thousands of people were healed of everything, even the incurable.

Now for the shocking and sad part. The government shut these clinics down. Why? It is against the law to heal people with nutrition and herbs and detox protocols.

So Dr. Schulze took these same formulaes and protocols that he had perfected and made them available to the general public through his website. He does ZERO advertising.

The government is so sticky about what you can and can not say that my feeling is that Dr. Schulze has decided to let “word of mouth” be his only advertising.

The headquarters for the online business are in Marina Del Rey, so I went. I was quite impressed with their operation. Many of the formulaes are still hand made. The girl running the store front told me that they do a huge business internationally as well as here in the United States, all by word of mouth.

I totally agree with Andrew Saul, Phd. –Food Matters “If poor nutrition and an accumulation of toxins initiates disease in the body. Then the re-verse must also be true. In understanding that the body works both ways, it makes sense to conclude that the prevention is the same as the cure”.

I would urge anyone with a serious illness or disease to check out Dr. Schulze’s Incurable Program. This is the same program he used in his clinics.

Poor nutrition and the accumulation of toxins not only initiates disease, but causes us to age faster than we should.

Dr. Schulze’s Superfood Plus in tablets or powder form is a quick and easy way to make sure you are getting great nutrition in your body. I take them and I feel the difference, I even have more energy.

Check back, I will be writing more about his products that I personally use.

Until then, go to his website and read everything, it is quite interesting and educational.

The Ageless Beauty Report, helping you become the ageless beauty you were born to be.