The Magic of Getting What You Need Most

What do you really need in life? I am talking about the gotta have it or I won’t survive kind of need. You may be thinking of food or water or shelter or even love, and yes we need those things, but the importance of this “absolute must have” has been overlooked by this generation for far too long.

Have you noticed how it doesn’t matter whether you are a banker, a nurse, a television writer, or even a middle school student, you are expected to wake up early, work all day, come home and work some more. This doesn’t leave much time for relaxing and enjoying life, so what do we do? We use our most valuable commodity, the one commodity they aren’t making any more of…the one that everyone on this planet has equal amounts of….in fact if you want to get technical it is really the only thing in life that is equal among all people.

I am talking about time. Many of us are spending the time we should be sleeping, on watching T.V. or vegging out or even working more. I know the feeling of a long overbooked day. After getting dinner on the table, cleaning up and getting kids put to bed, I just want some time all to myself, so I stay up to do whatever I want, and that is the real reason I stay up. I can do what I want, often for the very first time all day.

Not any more. I am on a mission to get enough sleep. Yes, I know the importance of enough sleep when it comes to aging less and staying healthy, but I have a much bigger reason to get my 8 hours of sleep.

I just finished reading Wayne Dyer’s new book “Wishes Fulfilled”. I absolutely loved it. He explains that “it is in sleep that you enter the world of your subconscious mind, and it is here that you will be making your impression” Meaning that you can “program your subconscious”.

“Your subconscious mind has been programmed by your conscious mind to act habitually; that is without thinking about what you are doing or not doing.” Think of all the things we do without thinking….drive a car, riding a bicycle and the list goes on. If you haven’t ridden a bicycle in years, you don’t have to stop and think ok, where do I put my feet and what do I do with them, because your subconscious remembers and takes over. According to Dr. Dyer your subconscious mind handles about 96 percent of all that you undertake in your life. Meaning all that you tell it.

Dr. Dyer explains that the 5 minutes right before you fall asleep is extremely important because your subconscious mind takes what you are thinking about and starts working on it the entire time you are asleep. The subconscious mind is impersonal and non judgmental and believes that whatever you are thinking and feeling, you want more of.

If you are thinking I am broke or I am fat, guess what? Your subconscious goes to work on that. Or you can choose to think about what you really want, but you must use the language of the subconscious which is “I am” then state whatever you want as if it is already true, and your subconscious will go to work on it.

Now more than ever I want my full 8 hours of sleep so my subconscious has more time to work. I fall asleep saying “I am Love, I am Happy, I am Healthy, I am Prosperous.” I also visualize what I want as if it “already is”.

This information is not new, the Bible, St. Germain, Neville and others have talked about it. Dr. Wayne Dyer does a great job showing us how we can use this information in today’s world. Seems there is a lot of truth after all in the old adage “never go to bed angry”.

Science has discovered it as well.

“If you are trying to learn something, whether it’s physical or mental you learn it to a certain point with practice, but something happens while you sleep that helps you learn it better.” Dr. Rapoport – NYU Langone Medical Center

If you want more in depth information on this subject I highly recommend Dr. Wayne Dyer’s new book, “Wishes Fulfilled”. I think it is the best book he has ever written. You can get it on Amazon or at Costco.

Getting enough sleep is much more than a way to age less. It can be the magic that helps you get what you want most.

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