The Lifesaving Antiaging Beauty of Sprouts

The key ingredients for beauty are also the key ingredients for good health.

Here in America most everyone is deficient in these key ingredients. It truly is a frightening epidemic.

Without these key ingredients, you age much faster, your skin, your hair, your nails, your entire body loses it’s vibrancy and you are more prone to dreadful chronic health issues, including cancer.

You don’t have to look very far to see the effects of this deficiency. Cancer rates are at an all time high and many men and women are looking years older than their actual age.

The missing ingredients are vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

Less than 11% of the US Population eats 5 – 9 different fruits and vegetables per day. Most of the US Population eats processed or cook foods, which have zero enzymes. Add in the nutritional decline of produce over the last 50 years due to over farming and petrochemical fertilizers, well you get the picture.


8 oranges to get nutrition

Today you would have to eat 8 oranges to get the same nutrition of 1 orange grown in the 1950’s.

This makes adding sprouts to your daily diet an absolute must.


Sprouts contain up to 500% more nutrients and minerals than regular vegetables and grains and 100 times more enzymes than raw fruits and vegetables.

  • Sprouts are high in protein, vitamins, minerals and enzymes, and low in calories.
  • Nutrients and minerals are crucial for ageless beauty and optimum immune function.
  • Mineral deficiency accelerates aging quicker than just about anything else.

One mineral that many people are deficient in is Selenium.

Many health practitioners are saying that one of the reasons people in Africa have a hard time getting well from Ebola is due to a lack of Selenium in their diet.

Selenium is crucial for a healthy thyroid. The thyroid secretes hormones which influences metabolism, growth and development and body temperature. Selenium is also crucial for glutathione synthesis. Glutithione , produced by the body, is the master antioxidant of the body. Glutithione promotes a healthy immune system as well as helping the body to detox heavy metals.

Sunflower sprouts


Sunflower sprouts have an abundance of selenium.

The Importance of Enzymes.

Sprouts have 100 times more enzymes than raw fruits or vegetables. The human body needs enzymes to digest food and to allow the body to extract more vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and essential fats from the foods you eat. When you cook your foods you kill all of the enzymes and the pancreas has to release enyzmes to help digest the cooked food.

You are born with only so many enzymes. Once you have used up all your enzymes, that’s it, you die. Therefore the older you get, the less enzymes the pancreas releases.

If you are eating a mostly cooked food diet, then some of your food may not be getting digested properly, which can result in undigested protein in the blood, which can lead to cancer.

Cancer develops a hard protein shell. It does this as a self defense mechanism so that the immune system does not recognize the cell as cancer and therefore does nothing to get rid of it. Cancer then starts to grow out of control.

If you have plenty of enzymes in your diet, then the hard protein shell around the cancer cell is digested or eaten away, allowing the cancer cell to be recognized by the immune system. The immune system can then do what it is supposed to do, kill the cancer cell.

This is why a raw food diet and juicing vegetables can work really well to help people get well from cancer.

Never underestimate the healing power of sprouts.

I have been taking a course with Dr. Andrew Saul. He is the doctor in the Food Matters documentary that says “10% of what you eat keeps you alive, 90% of what you eat keeps your doctor in business”

He tells the story of a young girl in her early 30’s who had already lost her peripheral vision. She had been to many eye specialists and they all told her the same thing. “You have a rare eye disease, you will go totally blind and there is nothing we can do for you”

As a last ditch effort she went to see Dr. Saul. He told her he could not guarantee anything, but she should immediately start drinking 4 glasses of freshly juiced vegetables and 4 cups of a variety of sprouts every single day.

He told her “I don’t care how you get them in, put them in an omelet, a sprout sandwich, or a sprout salad.

After 3 months she started to regain her peripheral vision back. After 6 months she had 100% of her eyesight back.

I think there is much more to sprouts than the vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Sprouts have the highest frequency of any food on the planet. (Herbs have the 2nd highest) I believe that it is this Life Force Energy that plays a big part in the life saving, anti aging properties of sprouts.

Some of my favorite sprouts include:


Alfalfa Sprouts

Alfalfa Sprouts

  • Fight leukemia, pancreatic and colon cancer
  • Help dissolve fibrocystic tumors
  • Lowers bad cholesterol
  • Reduces atherosclerosis, hardening of the arteries
  • Immune booster
  • Anti inflammatory
  • Boost natural killer cells


Broccoli sprouts

Broccoli Sprouts

  • 50 times more sulforaphane as broccoli
  • Sulforaphane kills cancer cells, especially breast cancer cells, even the most aggressive, Triple Negative Breast Cancer cells.


mung bean

Mung Bean Sprouts

  • Fights bad LDL cholesterol and liver fat
  • Inhibit growth of cancerous tumors
  • Contains phytoestrogens that stimulate the production of hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin
  • Regulate blood sugar
  • Anti inflammatory
  • Prevents Sepsis, a severe blood infection that shuts down the organs

In today’s toxic world we need all the help we can to slow down the aging process and stay healthy. With the decline in the nutritional value of our crops, I believe super foods are a must.

Sprouts are a super super food.

Full of vitamins, minerals and enzymes, they have an alkalizing and oxygenating effect on the body. Disease can not live in an alkaline or oxygenated system. They also support cell regeneration, a must for every ageless beauty. Sprouts are also rich in protein making them a complete food.

Yes you could survive on sprouts alone.

You can buy sprouts at your local health food store or farmers market.

Better yet, save a boat load of money and grow them yourself.