The Hair Product I Won’t Go Without

I have to thank my hairdresser, Heather Roland at Dej Salon in Sherman Oaks, for introducing me to so many wonderful things,,, miracle soap, and now my all time favorite hair product.

You see if I had a magic wand and could change anything about myself, the first thing I would ask for is thicker, fuller, longer, hair.

No worries, I don’t spend much time pining away over something so trivial. I am certainly very blessed to have pretty good hair. But truth be told, I would love to trade my baby fine hair in for thicker more voluminous hair. You know the kind you see in magazine ads, thick, shiny, long, endlessly blowing in the wind. The kind my husband is so lucky to have. It always seems that men have the great hair and long eyelashes that women would kill for. When my husband and I first started dating he wore his hair quite long, and it was so thick and so gorgeous I was actually envious.

Now it’s finally my turn. Thanks to my hairdresser Heather at Dej Salon, I use Kevin Murphy’s Anti Gravity Spray and it really works. It is the first product that has made a visible difference in my hair. I love it and will never ever go without it.


I love that this product not only works, but that it is environmentally conscious and has some very impressive ingredients.

First off it is a non-aerosol spray that is paraben free, which is healthy for the user and the environment. They use organic lavender to achieve body and the grapefruit extract promotes hair growth and is regenerative on the cellular level. The high levels of vitamin C and E are beneficial to dry damaged hair. It also has Manuka Honey extract, which is one of the most nutritious honeys on the planet. Manuka honey seals in moisture and softens the hair to add flexibility.

Kevin Murphy is an Australian hair stylist that has worked with top celebrities and photographers for over 20 years. He has an entire line of hair products that are only sold in salons or you can order it on

Beautiful, shiny hair with lots of volume can go a long way when it comes to aging less.

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