The Beauty of Yoga on Demand

The infinite fitness craze continues, but inevitably I always make my way back to yoga.

Yoga Breathing

The beauty benefits begin with the breathing in Yoga, which oxygenates the blood, which in turn nourishes the skin. That’s the Yoga Glow.


A lot of exercise regimes can cause stress on the body, but Yoga is very healing to the body. I have not found anything else that keeps my lower back strong and free from pain.

Most importantly Yoga has such a positive effect on my mood that can last for several days.


Yogaglo find your center

It has been said that “Exercise is the most under utilized Anti-Depressant”. I totally agree.

Getting to a Yoga class can be costly and time consuming.

For the self disciplined, there is a fabulous solution.

A cost effective way to have access to hundreds of yoga classes on demand in the privacy and convenience of your own home.

Yoga gloHere’s what I love about


For $18 a month (the cost of 1 yoga class in Los Angeles) you get unlimited access to a wide range of yoga classes at all levels, and time durations. You can even choose a class based on a specific issue, such as tight shoulders.


I just put my yoga matt in front of my computer and I am good to go.


yoga gloSome die hard yogi’s don’t even need a mat.

I recommend you sign up for the 15 day free trial to give it a go and test your self discipline.