Ten Ways You Can Prevent Breast Cancer

Most women do not realize that their immune system is their best weapon against breast cancer.

Breast Cancer PreventionResearch now shows that 30% of breast tumors go away on their own, because a healthy immune system is so adept at eradicating cancer.

In fact, the #1 reason women get breast cancer is because their immune systems are not functioning at optimal levels.

The good news is you have the power to keep your immune system strong.

The one catch: you MUST take 100% responsibility for your own health to ensure that your immune system is working at optimal levels.

Here are 10 things you can do to boost your immune system and kill breast cancer cells. This is by no means a comprehensive list of everything that you can do, but it is a great start.

1. Vitamin D3

Crucial for a healthy immune system. Western doctors consider a level of 25 – 30 normal, but this is not high enough for a strong immune system. To stay healthy, and especially to get well from cancer, you need to be between 70 – 100.

Most women with breast cancer have low levels of Vitamin D3.

YOU MUST GET TESTED. Ask your lab for a copy of your blood work, because if you are at 30, all they will tell you is that you are in the normal range, which is not good enough. I use D3/K2 to protect my blood vessels.

For more information, please read http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2013/10/19/vitamin-d-vitamin-k2.aspx.

Vitamin D3 actually penetrates breast cancer cells causing them to die. Research shows that Vitamin D kills cancer cells as effectively as the toxic drug Tamoxifen, without the detrimental side effects, and at a fraction of the cost.

2. Consume Superfoods

Tumeric or Curcumin is proven to kill breast cancer cells, even triple negative breast cancer cells. You can buy the powder and add to shakes or sauces, or you can take in a capsule form.

Chia Seeds are much better than Flax seeds which contains naturally occurring estrogen.

You can add them to shakes or sprinkle on salads.

• 2 times the protein of any other seed or grain
• 5 times the calcium of milk
• 2 times the amount of potassium as bananas
• 3 times more iron than spinach
• and of course, copious amounts of omega-3 and omega-6

Cruciferous Vegetables contain sulfurane which has been proven to kill breast cancer cells, even triple negative breast cancer cells.

These vegetables include Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts, Cauliflower, and Cabbage. Broccoli Sprouts have 10 – 100 times more sulfurane. Enduracell – is a Broccoli sprout powder imported from Australia. It is processed in a way that none of the enzymes are compromised. You can purchase at Whatwomenmustknow.com.

3. Melatonin

Melatonin not only helps you sleep better, but it is a master anti-oxidant of the body. It also helps reduce excess estrogen, which can slow down the growth of breast cancer and may help prevent breast cancer.

Women with breast cancer have low levels of melatonin.

Your body starts to produce Melatonin between 9 to 10 PM. If you have the lights on in your house, melatonin production is interrupted. You can get special light bulbs that cut out the blue light and therefore do not stop the production of melatonin. You can purchase this at https://www.lowbluelights.com/index.asp?.
Red light does not disrupt melatonin levels so get a digital clock with red light. All nightlights should be red only.

Tart cherry juice is a good night time drink that supports melatonin levels.

4. Avoid Toxins

GMOs, Pesticides, Preservatives, Chemicals in Food, Water, and Personal Care Items such as shampoos, skin care, make up and antiperspirants – all have toxins. You must read labels.

Please read Dirty Dozen Accelerates Aging.

99% of all cancerous tissue samples contain Parabens, a preservative still used in many skin care, makeup, body and hair care.

Deodorant stones or any “natural deodorant” with any alum is toxic to the lymphatic system.

Use toxic free home cleaning products.

Avoid BPA and all plastics.

5. Nourish your Gut

Probiotics or fermented food are required for a strong immune system.

Miso soup (organic, non gmo, preferably not soy) is a good fermented food to consume. Organic grass fed yogurt is another good fermented food.

6. Detox

To keep the toxins from accumulating in the body you must detox on a daily basis.

Exercise, sitting in an infrared sauna or bio mat will help detox toxins out. Please read Nobel Prize Winning Anti Aging Technology.

Dry brushing and sitting in an epsom salt bath. Please read Luxurious Way to Detox.

Rebounding is the only exercise that stimulates the entire lymphatic system to release toxins. Alternative doctors recommend you jump for 20 minutes twice a day. (Doing it right before the Epsom salt bath, or Infrared Sauna or Bio Matt is fantastic.) Please read http://www.vibrationalmedicine.com/images/Rebounders.pdf

The absolute best rebounder/mini trampoline to get is the Electrically Tuned Rebounder.

7. Avoid Electromagnetic Fields

Avoid electromagnetic fields as much as possible to help prevent cancer. EMFs interrupt DNA repair. Damaged DNA can lead to cancer.

Limit your exposure and protect yourself from radiation produced by cell phones, cordless phones, electrical towers, base stations, and Wi-Fi stations, as well as minimizing your exposure from radiation-based medical scans, including dental x-rays, CT scans, and mammograms.

If the DWP has installed a smart meter on your home, call and get it removed.

Items such as electric blankets can be particularly troublesome and increase your cancer risk.

Never ever sleep with an iPad, computer, cell phone, or other similar electronic devices turned on in your bedroom.

Turn off your WiFi at night.

Never tuck your phone in your bra.

8. Avoid Underwire Bras

Keep in mind that in today’s world, EMFs are circulating in the air and looking to connect with a device. The underwire in your bra will cause the EMFs to connect with you all day long, subjecting you to a harmful amount of EMFs.

Also avoid tight fitting bras and go bra-less around the house – a bra can restrict the lymphatic system causing toxins to accumulate.

9. Check your Hormone Levels

Have your Hormone levels checked via a Saliva Test.

Too much estrogen can cause Breast, Uterine, and Ovarian Cancer.

10. Thermograpy, instead of Mammography

Here is what you need to know to make an informed screening decision:


Just one mammogram can expose you to the radiation equivalent of 1,000 chest x-rays.

The Institute of Medicine has finally acknowledged the toxic effects of mammogram radiation as a significant factor in the development of breast cancer.

Radiation damages your DNA which can lead to breast cancer.

BRCA 1 & 2 gene can be “turned on” by radiation exposure.

The Oncogene AC is very sensitive to radiation.

Researchers estimate that 10,000 women who carry this gene die of breast cancer each year due to radiation exposure from mammograms.

Mammograms compress your breasts, which can cause cancer cells to spread, should they exist.

Mammograms can only detect breast cancer once a tumor has formed.

In 1974, the National Cancer Institute (NCI) was warned by professor Malcolm C. Pike at the University of Southern California School of Medicine that a number of specialists had concluded that “giving a women under age 50 a mammogram on a routine basis is unethical.”

The warning fell on deaf ears, and the long-held conventional medical advice has been for women to get an annual mammogram once they hit 40.

A couple of years ago, (2009) the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force decided to alter their mammogram recommendation, advising women under the age of 50 to avoid mammograms, and limit them to every other year after the age of 50. The revision caused outrage among many cancer organizations. What was overlooked, however, was the reasoning behind the Task Force’s decision to change their recommendation.

Radiation from Mammograms causes breast cancer.

Dr. Samuel Epstein, one of the world’s top cancer experts, has stated:
“The pre-menopausal breast is highly sensitive to radiation, each 1 rad exposure increasing breast cancer risk by about 1 percent, with a cumulative 10 percent increased risk for each breast over a decade’s screening.”


  • Zero Radiation
  • No squeezing of breast, in fact nothing even touches your breast.
  • Can detect breast cancer before tumors form
  • Can detect physiological changes that lead to breast cancer 8 – 10 years before a Mammogram can
    FDA approved for breast cancer screening

For more information, please read The Breast Cancer Breakthrough that is Making Experts Angry.

If you live in Southern California, I highly recommend Dr. Hillary Smith at Advanced Medical Thermography.



I believe that Dr. Rashid Buttar does a great job explaining how cancer happens:

He says that the longer you live, the more toxins you accumulate. Let’s face it, we live in a very toxic world. He explains that as long as your immune system is strong, it can deal with these toxins. That’s why there are some people who can smoke their whole lives and not get cancer. He says the minute your immune system becomes weakened, the toxic overload is too much to handle and that is when cancer takes hold.

The Keys to Preventing Breast Cancer?

  • Foster a strong immune system
  • Avoid toxins

When it comes to preventing breast cancer, knowledge is power. My hope is that you will take this knowledge, take 100% responsibility for your health, and prevent one of the most horrific diseases effecting women today.