Simple Habit Prevents Premature Aging

If you have ever gone to bed with your make up on, you will surely never ever do it again after watching this segment from The Doctors.

Sleeping in your make up for even 1 night can cause:

  • Wrinkles to deepen
  • Pore size to increase
  • Redness to increase
  • Irritation to increase

One girl decided to see what would happen to her skin if she slept in her makeup for 30 days in a row. The results are not pretty to say the least.

I’m sure you now agree that washing your make-up off at night is a simple way to prevent premature aging.

(FYI, I am not convinced that Botox is necessary)

I am also a big believer in taking that nightly ritual one step further. After taking off my makeup I like to nourish my skin with Organic Herbal Face Food. I have written about this edible, 100% plant based anti aging serum. Win Unique, Pure Age Reversing Product

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These two habits, washing your makeup off at night and nourishing your skin with a natural plant based serum, will most definitely prevent premature aging.