Simple Food Changes for Ageless Beauty

Farm raised Salmon vs. Wild Caught Salmon. Which one is best for ageless beauty?

You probably already know the answer.

But when you know the shocking reason behind the answer you will be more motivated to make the best ageless beauty choice.

Hands down wild caught salmon is best for ageless beauty and long term health.


fish farm
Farm raised Salmon are put in net cages in the ocean close to the shore.

They live in abnormally densely populated conditions which cause diseases and parasites.

Therefore to keep the farm raised salmon alive the fisheries feed the fish more antibiotics than any other livestock animal.

It doesn’t help that they are fed an unnatural diet of corn feed, which causes them to have less omega 3 Essentail Fatty Acids than wild salmon. This is the biggest reason to eat salmon in the first place. Omega 3’s are essential for ageless skin, hair and nails and great for heart health. Studies show that farm raised salmon have higher levels of mercury, and 7 times more polychlorinated biphenyl, or PCBs than wild salmon. PCBs are chemicals used in industrial applications that are often found in water supplies and have been linked to neurological problems in children and fetal growth.

100 Percent PureAnother big problem with farm raised salmon is due to the fact that the net cages never move, therefore the salmon poop continuously drops to the ocean floor and is never cleaned up. This causes all aquatic life to die and the area to become a deadzone. On top of that the farm raised salmon do not have to work for their food, causing them to be couch potatoes, growing abnormally fat until the harvest.

Farm raised salmon are naturally grey in color because they are not eating the shellfish and insects that give them that reddish color. Most farm raised salmon are fed chemicals to give them color.


wild salmon

Wild salmon on the other hand have to work for their food which includes high levels of exercise. This creates a slightly leaner fish. They eat a natural diet of shellfish and insects, which give them their reddish color naturally. Wild salmon is naturally high in Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids and lower in PBCs and other toxins.


The Ageless Beauty Report conclusion. Higher PCB and mercury levels in farm raised salmon is reason enough to choose wild salmon, then you add in the artificial coloring , the unnatural diet, lower Omega 3’s and the extremely high amounts of antibiotics. Farm raised salmon may be cheaper, but you couldn’t pay me to eat it.

The choice is a no-brainer. Wild Salmon is a simple food change for ageless beauty.

**Even wild salmon still contains some mercury.  You can help your body get rid of mercury by consuming 2 – 4 capsules of activated charcoal when you eat fish of any kind.