Shocking Ingredients in Skin Care


Dr. Mercola, who is one of my hero’s, for standing up for the truth when it comes to our health, has put together a graphic on personal care products that may shock you.

It certainly is shocking to me that so many ingredients that are “known toxins” have ended up in products that we use every single day.

These toxins accumulate in the body year after year and can cause any number of health issues, from brain fog, anxiety, ADD, Memory loss, Alzheimers and even Cancer.

For me personally, once I was educated on what was really in skin care products, I could no longer turn a blind eye. I care too much about my long term health and the health of my family. I stopped shopping at department stores, and drug stores.

This is also the reason I decided to open

The Ageless Beauty StoreI want to share with you the fantastic pure products that really work. In fact they are a much better bang for your buck than anything you get at a department store, because every ingredient is pure and beneficial.

So take a look at this info graphic from

Dr. Mercola says “Your skin is your largest organ, and anything you put on it should contain only the best and safest ingredients from nature. So before slathering lotion or body wash on your skin, take a look at this infographic on toxic chemicals found in personal care products. Discover these common yet deadly chemicals and how they can potentially sabotage your health and well-being.”

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