Shocking Cause and Cure of Crows Feet

I really thought that the major cause of crows feet was too much sun and maybe lack of sleep.


Turns out the biggest culprit may be stress.


Most of us realize that we can be stressed about finances, or relationships, or work related issues. But did you realize that every time you are even a little bit late and you feel the pressure to hurry and get somewhere you are causing added stress?

How about not enough sleep? Lack of sleep also causes stress on the body.

Stress causes high cortisol levels in the body which causes inflammation. This in turn causes the skin to break down faster and wrinkles to appear.


The area around your eyes are the most delicate and sensitive and most vulnerable to inflammation.


One of the best ways to fight inflammation:

  • Get more antioxidants from the foods you eat
  • Get more antioxidants from the products you put on your skin

Red cabbage

One of my favorite antioxidant rich foods is red cabbage.

(some people call it purple cabbage, and yes it does look purple) It is full of Vitamin A, C & E.


Red or purple cabbage has 6 to 8 times more vitamin c than green cabbage
1 cup has 80% of the daily recommended amount of vitamin C.

I like to cut it cole slaw style and add to my green salads, or put in tacos. It even taste great lightly sauteed in coconut oil. Just be sure that it is still crunchy. You lose a lot of the nutrients if it is cooked too long.



product_tc_ades1theCream Age Defying Eye Serum


A super concentrated serum (85% Colostrum), combined with a revolutionary botanical blend (Blackcurrant & Sunflower oil concentrate and Crysanthus bulb extract), which enhances collagen and elastin. This pure, powerful, eye serum also reduces inflammation which can cause wrinkles.

So remember, you can totally prevent and even erase crows feet by eating antioxidant rich foods and applying nourishing skin care products.