Secret to Beautiful White Nails

I feel more elegant, more beautiful when my nails are done. Yes I love the ageless beauty well manicured look with color, lots of color. In fact if you know me, you will notice that my nails are always done…it’s an obession that started back in the 6th grade that has never gone away. (Read Instant Secret to Ageless Hand)


yellow nails


All that nail polish can leave your nails yellow…


but I have a fabulous non toxic solution to whiten nails that I learned from Marion Fenwick, head nail trainer at Bliss So Ho in New York City. (Wish I could report that I had jetted to New York City for a few beauty treatments, but I can’t. I read about it, did it and it worked)


lemon for white nails


To whiten your nails, soak them sans polish of any kind, in freshly squeezed lemon juice, or you can rub the lemon directly onto your nails. Soak for a few minutes and then wash your hands and nails with soap.

The fruit’s citric acid acts as a natural bleach, making your nails look cleaner and whiter.

Now you are ready to go sans polish or for a french manicure with clear polish.