Secret Beauty Weapon is Toxic

NBC News

NBC did a report last night on an Australian study that says

sunscreen year-round can slow aging.

Nancy Snyderman

There is no doubt that too much sun causes the skin to age much faster, but I was horrified to watch

Dr. Nancy Snyderman instruct viewers to use a golf ball size of sunscreen everyday.

Watch for yourself

Toxic sunscreen

What about the toxins in sunscreens?

Why didn’t she bring that up?

Why didn’t she question the Australian study to see if they checked the blood levels of participants for elevated toxins?

Why not advise viewers to make sure to pick a toxic free sunscreen?

What about advising viewers about the importance of getting some sun to boost Vitamin D levels? After all studies show a huge percentage of the US Population is severely deficient in Vitamin D.

Were there any test done to see if these study participants were now low on Vitamin D3 levels?

woman screams

These were the questions that I was literally yelling out at the TV screen.

So I went looking for the other side of the story.

In my opinion The Huffington Post did a very well rounded article on Sunscreen.

The Toxic Truth of Sunscreen

In the article they report that The Environmental Working Group tested 500 sunscreens and only 8% were rated high in safety and efficacy.

The Huffington Post article also pointed out the fact that sunscreen blocks 97% of your body’s vital Vitamin D production.

Vitamin D is crucial for healthy bones, strong immune system and reducing your risk of cancer.

The article even lists the worst brands and the safest brands.

So I say to NBC, how about throwing in some common sense tips like:

How much sun is needed to get enough Vitamin D3 ?
Which sunscreens are the safest?
Instead of using so much sunscreen, how about SPF clothing?

When did The News become so one-sided? I thought true journalism was reporting both sides of every story.

Could it be they just did not want to upset advertisers? Sure makes me wonder.


I advise all ageless beauty wannabes, to definitely monitor the amount of sun you get,

and by all means protect your face with a non-toxic sunscreen.

I would never blindly tell people to use a golf ball size of sunscreen everyday without making some clarifications.

Really NBC, you can do much better.

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