Secret Anti Aging Miracle Revealed

Ormus Minerals are something that I have known about for a couple of years, but did not take the time to research and study until recently.

It is always interesting how the universe gets your attention. I had seen Ormus at several conferences over the years, but it wasn’t until a friend of mine in England sent me a link to Clive de Carle’s interview with Ormus expert Barry Carter, who happens to live in the United States, that I realized it was time for me to learn more about this most miraculous substance that has amazing anti aging properties.

What are Ormus Minerals?

Ormus, also referred to as ORME (short for orbitally rearranged monoatomic element) is a substance that was discovered in the 1970s by an Arizona farmer named David Hudson. David stumbled upon Ormus while mining for gold on his land.

Hudson kept finding this material over and over again. He had the finances, we are talking Millions of dollars, to study, research and by 1989 patent the material and method of extracting the Ormus Minerals.

Hudson’s research shows that Ormus minerals are precious metals, monatomic elements, in a different atomic state, a high spin state that he calls m-state.

Hudson believes that this substance is what the ancients called “The Philosopher’s Stone”.

The philosopher’s stone is a legendary substance, allegedly capable of turning inexpensive metals into gold. It was sometimes believed to be an elixir of life, useful for rejuvenation and possibly for achieving immortality. For a long time, it was the most sought-after goal in Western alchemy.

Today extensive testing and observation has shown these minerals to be superconductive, super fluid and may benefit every living cell in the human body by improving energy flow.

U.S. Naval research shows that cells of living tissues communicate with each other by a process identical to superconductivity.

According to Hudson our brains contain at least 5% Ormus. This percentage can be raised considerably if we take in food and water with a high Ormus content.

David Hudson reports that Bristol-Myers-Squib has done extensive research on Ormus minerals. Their research shows that this material inter-reacts with DNA, correcting the DNA. All the carcinogenic damage, all the radiation damage, all is corrected from these elements in the presence of the cell. They don’t chemically inter-react with it, they just correct the DNA.

The word is that Bristol-Myers-Squib has not found a way to synthesize Ormus which would greatly monetize their findings. Therefore they are not releasing the studies on Ormus that could help millions of people.



Ormus expert Barry Carter compares Ormus Minerals for the human body, to putting a new battery into your cell phone and fixing the antenna for an increase in communication ability.

We now know that ORMUS minerals can be extracted from the air, fresh water, salt, ocean water, rock, soil and even food.

Ormus and You

What are some of the reported benefits of taking Ormus?

Ormus Minerals – Mental Benefits

  • Clearer Thinking
  • Developed Intuition
  • Emotional Healing
  • Greater Clarity and Focus
  • Heightened Senses
  • Sense of Being Fully Present
  • Sense of Calm
  • Thought Manifestation

Ormus Minerals – Physical Benefits

  • Aids Intestinal Tract Absorption of Food Particles
  • Body Cells’ Generation of Hydroelectric Energy
  • Body Cells’ Hydration and Nourishment
  • Body Cells’ Regeneration and Communication
  • Body Cells’ Rejuvenation
  • Improves Vision
  • Increases Electrolytes
  • Increases Energy
  • Prevents Muscle Cramps
  • Promotes Bone Strength
  • Promotes Healthy Blood Sugar
  • Promotes Healthy Cellular PH Balance
  • Promotes Healthy DNA & RNA
  • Promotes Healthy Immune System Function

More Health Benefits of Ormus Minerals

Ormus is an exciting subject, but no aspect of this astonishing material even begins to approach the amazing health benefits it brings when added even in small doses to a person’s health and diet program. In this area Ormus is nothing short of completely revolutionary in all the best ways.

Researchers, natural health and Ormus experts all agree Ormus minerals are a vital and essential part of the human body. Everything from our hair, skin and nails to our muscle tissue and even DNA contain the Ormus minerals and elements

When we are low in this material, like nearly everyone following a “modern” diet and being exposed to everyday environmental chemicals and stresses, our health suffers and suffers badly. Optimal health is impossible without this problem being addressed

  • When supplemental Ormus is taken and our levels are high these are just some of the benefits many people are commonly seeing…

Enhanced Immune System Functioning: Ormus is repeatedly described as being “pro-life” by experts like David Hudson, when describing it’s influence on the immune system. That Ormus acts on the DNA to return the body to its original “perfect state” nature intended. Most people become sick only rarely, if at all, once they begin smart and safe supplementation. Some experts have even suggested these materials can successfully combat ailments as serious as cancer and AIDS. This of course needs to be studied much further.

Increased Rate of Healing: Ormus also speeds up the healing process all over the body. This includes everything from cuts, burns and wounds to internal issues like bone breaks and muscle tears and sprains. In many cases the healing process has been sped up the degree that it seems near magical.

Slowing and Partial Reversing of the Aging Process: Life extension enthusiasts are a sub-culture who have been overwhelmed by the responses they have seen again and again from supplementing with Ormus minerals. These have included wrinkles vanishing and even white hair eventually changing back into its original color.

No other natural health supplement has even come close to these types of results. Once the word gets out I expect the use of Ormus minerals to explode in anti aging and optimal health circles.

Boosting of Strength and Athletic Conditioning:
In the last few years,: some athletes who are willing to think “outside of the box” having been using Ormus minerals while strength training and conducting other forms of sport conditioning.
Bigger strength gains, quicker recovery and increased endurance have all been reported. Ormus minerals are obviously non hormonal and aren’t banned by any Sports Bodies, including Olympic Committees.

Mood Enhancing and Anti-Depressant:
Ormus in addition to having such a remarkable rejuvenated effect on the body exerts a similar action on the mind. Described by many as a “purifying” feeling, depression and ill will is quickly lifted from most people taking Ormus minerals.

This seems to work equally well in aiding a person to get over addiction related issues, even very extreme ones. Along with mood enhancement this seems to act as a gateway for increased and more meaningful spirituality for many. These reports mimic those from the ancients who used Ormus minerals for this sort of thing exclusively, often in combination with esoteric like long periods of fasting.

Improved Sleep: Insomnia and other unnatural sleep disorders are quickly brought under control when supplementing with Ormus. The quality of dream sleep is also dramatically improved especially for those making efforts to lucid dream.

Heightened Energy and Awareness: Without any sort of stimulant like jitters, Ormus energizes the body in a safe and sustainable way. Increased productivity, decreased need for sleep and heightened awareness are all commonly experienced, as well as laser beam like focus. It is important to recall just how safe Ormus minerals are which makes them unique for a material that holds these types of benefits.

The whole person, from the body, mind, to the emotions and the spirit are enhanced. This is the prime set of reasons why the Ormus minerals are so exciting and interesting and why so many brilliant, successful people include Ormus minerals in their daily regimen.
They can change a person completely for the better. Hardly anything can as realistically make that claim, besides the Ormus minerals.

There are more Anti Aging Benefits

  • Ormus is known to help communication between the body and spirit as well as between the cells.
    It increases mental focus, clarity, sense of calmness, sense of calmness, rejuvenation and intuition.
  • Many people report improved vision, decrease of menopausal symptoms and better digestion.
  • It activates and enhance ones full brain generating neurons to fire more effectively and efficiently. This allows new possibility of through and old though fades away.
  • Long term ingestion produces cellular life; lengthens telomeres, reverse age, cellular structuring and rejuvenation. It has capacity to activate enzymes dominant in many cells, known as telomerase.
  • Ormus is capable of restoring natural intuitive awareness. It arranges one’s own personal innate skills and genius you possess and you can share with the world.
  • It also appears to stimulate elimination of body toxins. Drink lots of water to help usher these toxins out of the body.
  • Kidney and liver are the main organs transferring toxins out of the blood and eradicating them from the body.
  • Ormus has very little to no Side Effects

  • Ormus is very beneficial to humans, and necessary for optimal health. In fact, scientists have noted that there is little to no side effects of Ormus. The only issue that might arise is that of a detox effect. If that happens cut dose in half and continue to work up to full dose. Drinking plenty of water can prevent this from happening.


Ormus Minerals


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