Profound Celebrity Beauty Secret

I was reading on Web MD Susan Sarandon’s secret for staying young and beautiful. She listed the expected…”a diet with lots of fresh fruits and veggies, regular exercise, deep breathing, visualization and her last and to me most profound

was volunteerism. I immediately had an “aha” moment. Making a difference in others lives makes a person very attractive.

I thought about all the “celebrities” that I find amazingly attractive …and they all have one thing in common…they volunteer their time, their name and even their money. There’s Brad and Angelina, and Oprah, and George Clooney and so many others.

I even read that Bradley Cooper spent his weekends teaching inner city kids acting while he was working on his Masters of Fine Arts in New York City. This super hunk just got hunkier in my book.

Of course you don’t have to be a celebrity to create something big. Some good friends of mine, Catherine Curry Williams and Scott Williams started Shane’s Inspiration in memory of the son they lost.


They saw a need for inclusive playgrounds that unite children of all abilities. I am blown away by what they have accomplished. Shane’s Inspiration has built playgrounds all over the country. When I look at Scott and Catherine I see two people whose volunteerism make them even more beautiful.




And then the other day Sam, (my husband) came home from his job filming ABC World News Tonight’s Person of the Week. Sam was blown away by all that 34 year old Blake Mycoskie has accomplished.

Blake had traveled to Argentina and saw that many children could not afford shoes. So what did he do? He came home and started a shoe company called Toms, which stands for a better tomorrow. For every pair of shoes sold he gives a free pair to a child in need. He has given away over 1,000,000 pairs of shoes.

To watch the whole segment go to:


I am truly amazed at what people can accomplish through volunteerism and how it does make them more attractive. Nothing will create inner beauty faster than having a passion that fuels you and makes a difference.

I have really been thinking of how I can make a difference. I have come up with some ideas that I am working on. I will keep you posted.

In the meantime if you volunteer please share in the comments sections, I would love to hear how you make a difference.