Consultation with C.N.H.P. Cathey Painter


Product Description

Book a consultation with Certified Natural Health Practitioner, Author and CEO of The Ageless Beauty Report, Cathey Painter, who specializes in Optimal Health, Adrenal Fatigue, Anti Aging, and Cancer Support.

Cathey is a life long health enthusiast, researcher and writer whose life took a turn when her husband was diagnosed with stage 3 prostate cancer that had spread outside of the prostate.

She would go on to guide her husband to full remission using only natural protocols, many of which she discovered via her relentless research.

The silver lining in this life changing event was that Cathey would learn from first hand experience that the most powerful way to assist the body in recovering from cancer, and every health issue you can name, including aging is to create optimal health by supporting the mind, the body and the soul.

Cathey has gone on to complete her Certified Natural Health Practitioner training and Traditional Naturopath certification.

Whether you are looking for a health and anti aging coach or guidance on helping the body heal naturally or cancer support, Cathey is a wealth of information.

Most of all she is passionate about educating others on how to cultivate positive lifestyle choices that will create optimal health.

The 1 hour consultation is done in person or via skype or phone and includes:

  • *Questions to discover all underlying issues affecting your health.
  • *Suggestions of supplements, diet, detox, exercise and lifestyle
  • *Referrals if needed

Cathey Painter is not a medical doctor. She does not diagnose, treat, or cure.

Once you book, Cathey will contact you to set up a session.

You can also contact Cathey via e-mail.