Ground Therapy Sleep Mat


The Ground Therapy Sleep Mat instantly connects you to the healing anti aging power of the earth’s energy, which

  • Instantly reduces inflammation, the #1 cause of aging
  • Instantly reduces pain
  • Instantly improves circulation, promoting more youthful skin
  • Provides a sounder, more restful sleep

The Ground Therapy Sleep Mat is made of a soft conductive carbon leatherette. You may sleep directly on the mat, or put it underneath your fitted sheet.

Dimensions: 26″ x 72″

Product Description

Ground Therapy Sleep Mat Overview

The Ground Therapy Sleep Mat plugs into a grounded outlet in your home. It then collects and transfers the earth’s energy to you while you are in contact with it.

The  photos below show what happens when a person goes long periods of time without being grounded.








Thickening of the blood vessels causing poor circulation. (notice how the blood is clumped together)








When grounded the blood vessels maintain their natural state, circulation is improved and inflammation and pain are reduced. (notice that the blood is no longer clumped and we can see full circulation in the hands and fingers)

Improved circulation helps nourish the skin from the inside out.  When inflammation is reduced the aging process is slowed down.  In fact most every anti aging nutritional regime is aimed at reducing inflammation, the #1 cause of aging.  The Grounded Beauty Mat is a powerful, yet simple way to insure you are receiving the most powerful healing energy on the planet.

Grounding or “earthing” is vital for the trillions of cells that make up the body. Our bodies are essentially bioelectrical circuitry that requires balance to maintain optimal vibration and perform at the highest capacity. Even a slight disruption in this balance can lead to all sorts of health issues.

Every time you walk barefoot in the grass, or on the beach you receive the negative electrons that balance the bodies energy system.  Before the invention of synthetic shoe soles, we even received this energy when wearing shoes that had 100% leather soles.  Unfortunately today, due to modern synthetic materials, and busy lifestyles, you may go weeks even months without experiencing the healing frequencies of the earth.

The body needs the gentle electrical pulse from the earth to allow cells to communicate more clearly and transmit signals to the brain.  These pulses create a vibration that regulates your heartbeat and circulates blood more efficiently. Your Health, Your Vitality , Your Beauty, and even your complexion depend on optimal blood circulation.

The Earth / Beauty Connection

Poor circulation leads to many health issues including skin discoloration, dark eye circles, acne (fluid buildup) impeded scar healing, inflammation and wrinkles.  Good flowing blood is necessary to replenish the skin with fresh oxygen and nutrients, and to flush away toxins.

The Ground Therapy Sleep Mat also helps promote deep sleep.  This is the only time that cell division and repair takes place. This is also the time that the anti aging hormone is released to boost collagen formation, which gives skin it supple and glowing appearance.










Facial Circulation Improves after being grounded for just 20 Minutes!

The Ground Therapy Sleep Mat allows you to easily and effortlessly harness the power of earth’s abundant energy so that you can improve circulation, reduce inflammation, reduce chronic fatigue, and get a better nights sleep.

The Ground Therapy Sleep Mat is a powerful, must have health and beauty tool.