I know it sounds radical even irrational, but once you have all the facts you may change your tune too.

Warning, you may be angry, even prone to screaming at the top of your lungs or throwing things across the room when your ignorance becomes educated.

Webster’s dictionary defines ignorance as lack of knowledge, education or awareness. So know that I am not saying you are dumb……just uninformed or duped is more closer to the truth.

Here are the hard cold facts about mammograms.

***1 mammogram exposes your body to radiation that can be 1,000 times greater than that from a chest x-ray.

Wait a minute I thought mammograms were supposed to detect cancer not cause it!

***Mammograms compress your breasts which can lead to the lethal spread of cancer cells, should they exist.

What? You’re telling me that if I have breast cancer a mammogram can make it worse?

***If you get a mammogram every year from age 40 – 50 you have increased your chances of getting breast cancer by 20%.

I certainly don’t like those odds!

*** Mammograms have a huge amount of false positive results and errors…how often?

A 2006 study by Susan G. Komen for the Cure estimated that in 90,000 cases when women were diagnosed with D.C.I.S. or invasive breast cancer, they either did not have the disease or they got incorrect treatment due to a pathologist error.

What? 90,000 women were told they had cancer when they didn’t? Sounds like something out of a horror movie to me.

There is good news though…. something much better, safer and way more accurate than a mammogram.

It’s called Thermal Imaging or Thermography.

You may be saying what is that? It is basically a special infrared camera that takes a picture of your breast or your entire body and can detect inflammation which is the very first sign of disease.

The good news and facts about Thermal Imaging/Thermography:

***Emits absolutely NO radiation.

***No contact with the body, with no body part squished.

***Can detect cancer 8-10 years before a mammogram can.

I know what you are thinking. “Holy shit! 8 – 10 years…really?” Yes, really, because Thermography detects changes at the cellular level while a mammogram can only detect cancer once there is a tumor. This kind of early detections gives you enough time to cure your cancer through diet and lifestyle.

This is the part where your anger might cause you to do something uncharacteristic. I know that if I had breast cancer or had lost a loved one to the horrible disease, I would be more than angry to know that the cancer could have easily been detected 8 – 10 years sooner, and therefore curable.

Why have you not heard about this ? It most likely has to do with money. Just think of the money involved if every mammogram center had to switch out their big very expensive equipment for cheaper Thermal Imaging equipment…they wouldn’t be able to charge as much therefore they wouldn’t be able to make as much.

Oh, and remember a couple of years back when the U.S Preventive Services Task Force all of a sudden revised their recommendation, saying that women in their 40’s should not get routine mammograms. Every one was up in arms….they wouldn’t have been if the majority of media outlets had not completely overlooked the real reason WHY the Task Force decided to trim their mammogram recommendation.

Now you know why I will never get another mammogram.

I want to spread the word because when large numbers learn about Thermal Imaging , the quicker change will come. You gotta love the internet for this reason alone.

If you are interested in Thermal Imaging I highly recommend Dr. Hillary Smith at Advanced Medical Thermography in Sherman Oaks. She was fantastic to work with and has a level III Clinical Thermographer Certification, which is the highest level possible. If you don’t live in the Los Angeles area, go to and type in “places to get a Thermography.”

This information credited to Dr. Mercola and Dr. Christianne Northrup. For more info go to and type in mammogram and thermography. Dr. Christianne Northrup wrote a great article on thermography on

When it comes to being an ageless beauty, health is everything.