New Year’s Resolutions that Reverse Aging

Over the years I have come to realize that drastic, over the top, unrealistic resolutions will only set you up for failure. That is certainly no way to start the year off.

I think you will find this Age Reversing Resolution List, simple, painless and very doable.

I can tell you from personal experience that you will feel better and look younger by following these simple resolutions.


Beauty Sleep


Sleep more


There are so many things you can do to slow down the aging process, but if you don’t get enough sleep nothing else really matters. Getting 7 – 8 hours of sleep will not only slow down the aging process, it can prevent serious illness and even premature death. Jennifer Lopez says that 8 hours of sleep is her number one Beauty Tip.


Laugh More

Laugh more


When I get too serious my husband has a little saying to snap me out of it…”Lighten up Francis”. I don’t know where it came from but it works. We need to lighten up and laugh out loud more. Watch more comedies. Laughter creates endorphins which boost our immune system which in turn slows down the aging process. Norman Cousins is credited with being the modern father of laugh therapy. After being diagnosed with a rare incurable life threatening form of arthritis, he checked himself into a hotel, took mega doses of Vitamin C and watched Marx Brothers films and TV sitcoms non stop. He found that 10 minutes of out and out belly laughing relieved his pain enough to allow him 2 hours of sleep. He made a full recovery and wrote a book about the experience. Anatomy of an Illness as Described by the Patient. This groundbreaking book inspired research into the effects of emotion on health which continues to this day.


Play More

Play more


Do more fun things for yourself in 2014. When you take the time to have fun, you are happier and when you are happier , you are healthier. Happy and healthy always slows down the aging process. What can you do to have fun in 2014? Go to lunch with friends more often, go for a bike ride, go to the beach, read a trashy novel.




Add Superfoods to your Diet


I find it is always easier to add to your diet than take away. Superfoods give you the biggest nutritional bang for your efforts, hence the name superfood. I like adding them to my smoothies

Bee Pollen Fountain of Youth Superfood

E3Live Superfood of all Superfoods

Longan Fruit Exotic Fruit with Anti Aging Benefits

Pomegranate Easy Shortcut to Ageless Beauty

Lemon Peel The Anti Aging Properties of Lemon Peel

Coconut Oil Weight Loss, Liver Spots, Diabetes and more

Ginger Root for Aging Less

Goji Berries The Fruit that Slows Aging


Age Reversing Boost

Do the 10 Day Age Reversing Boost


This is incredibly powerful. No crazy diets or exercise, just a few painless things you can do that will give you huge age reversing results. This really works! I have watched my husband literally grow younger right before my very eyes.

10 Day Age Reversing Boost Protocol


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Wishing all Ageless Beauty Readers a Happy, Healthy and Age Reversing 2014.