New Technology that Zaps the Fat

Belly fat can be the most stubborn fat of all. I know there are many who diet, they exercise and they just can’t seem to get rid of that middle aged middle.

There is a new technology that has caught my attention. No I have not used it myself, nor do I know anyone who has personally used it.

How to Zap Fat Away

Dr. Mark Stengler, a very prominent Naturopathic M.D. that I follow recommends Zerona IF diet and exercise has not taken care of the problem.

Zerona is a low-level laser treatment that is currently awaiting FDA approval for body contouring. The procedure has been used by physicians, plastic surgeons and some dermatologists since 2008.

Dr. Stengler says that aside from diet and exercise, Zerona is one of the most noninvasive therapies for eliminating fat cells. Zerona does not involve surgery or anesthesia, and there are no wounds and no pain.

Dr. Stengler recommends it for people who are 5 pounds to 25 pounds overweight.

Zerona Zaps Fat

Low level laser is energy that is extremely low, only about 1/1,000 as intense as the lasers used to perform other procedures such as eliminating age spots and skin blemishes. Known as cold laser technology (because it isn’t hot and does not burn the skin), Zerona involves a focused light that penetrates below the skin, stimulating receptors inside individual cells. In the case of fat cells, the laser emulsifies some of the fat that they contain. The liquefied fat is then released as fatty acids into the bloodstream, where it is eliminated as waste.

The inches and weight loss can be long term if the patient continues to maintain a healthful diet and exercise program.

The cost for a full treatment regimen of six sessions is about $2,500.

So before you consider drastic and more expensive measures like surgery or liposuction which have considerable health risks, check out Zerona.

The Doctors show also did a segment on Zerona.