New Product for Wrinkles

Why do we get wrinkles and sagging skin?


Our bodies naturally produce collagen in the underlying layers of the skin.  Unfortunately once we hit our mid 20’s we start to lose collagen.  By the time you hit your 80’s you have ¼ of the amount of collagen you had in your early 20’s.


I read a really great analogy.

It is sort of like a mattress, when the mattress wears out, ie when the collagen levels decline, the mattress becomes saggy causing the sheets, ie your skin, to wrinkle.

There are several types of collagen.  Type I, II, & III.

Type II Collagen has shown significant skin benefits.  It can replenish skin structure, prevent the breakdown of hyaluronic acid, which occurs naturally in our skin to hold the moisture.

It is very hard to find a high quality Type II Collagen Cream.  Why?  It is an extremely expensive ingredient, and frankly most of your department store lines are more concerned about their profit margins. They have to be because they have such a huge overhead.

For the last 4 months I have personally been using  a very high end, all natural Collagen II anti aging cream.  I am thrilled that I have been able to negotiate a deal to offer you this product very soon.  (this product line also includes the all natural hair product that prevents and reverses gray hair.)

Formulated by a retired pharmacist, this product is not available in stores.

The type II Collagen in this formula is of a Fish Collagen Peptide base, which is a very expensive base. (most other type II Collagen comes from chickens) This base has naturally occuring Elastin and Hyaluronic Acid which aid in plumping and firming the skin.

Free of gluten, wheat, and yeast, this exclusive high quality formula contains no added sugar, salt, artificial colorings, or any other preservatives. 

Fish Collagen Peptides are extracted from the best quality deep-sea fish. (very important that this is not farm raised fish,) Using state of the art technology, Fish Collagen Peptides are manufactured by hydrolysis of fish gelatin by enzymes. During processing, the molecular weight is reduced to 1000 Dalton. These tiny molecules can aid in enhanced absorption and boost collagen level in the human body.

Additionally, Fish Collagen Peptides help improve the skin moisture level, skin elasticity, and prevent wrinkles, as well as promote healthy hair.


Sufficient Collagen in the skin will make the skin soft, smooth, flawless and full of elasticity. Within 6 months of daily use at bedtime of this high end Type II Collagen anti aging cream, most, if not all of the winkles should disappear.

Stay tuned, this product should be up on the site in the next 2 weeks.