My Personal Anti Aging Regimen

Recently I reconnected with a long lost friend from my days in television.   She’s one of those friends that even though we haven’t seen each other in 6 or 7 years, we picked up right where we left off.

She wanted me to write out all the things I personally do to slow down the aging process.

This list is for my dear friend Judith and anyone else curious about my daily “anti aging regimen”.


Face Regimen. Morning and Night

Makeup removal – Organic Cold Pressed Coconut Oil
Toner – Raw Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (you can dilute it with some alkaline or spring water if you like)
Anti Aging SerumOrganic Herbal Face Food
Moisturizer – St. James Formula with Type II Collagen , on my face neck and crows feet (this pure all natural product is not sold in stores, very soon it will be available on this site)


Oil Pulling

The first thing I do when I get out of bed is head straight for the kitchen and put a spoonful of Raw Organic Coconut Oil in my mouth for my morning Oil Pulling.  I swish the oil in my mouth, through my teeth, up into my gums, as I take the dogs out and get my next regimen ready.  After about 10 minutes of swishing the coconut oil I spit it into the trash, then go into my bathroom where I rinse my mouth out with water.   Oil pulling gets rid of the bacteria and viruses in your mouth, freeing up your immune system to work on my important things.  It can also help whiten your teeth.  Read Do You Know About this 5000 Year Old Beauty Treatment

Morning Nutritional Regimen
Sulfur Mix
1 teaspoon of Organic Sulfur Crystals mixed in 1 cup of Alkaline water (or you can use spring water, do NOT use water with chlorine or it will ruin the nutritional value of the Sulfur)  add 1 pack of Liv On Labs Lipospheric VitaminC.   Read more about Sulfurand the brand I use in Missing Nutrient for Health and Beauty
Vitamin C is crucial for collagen production


Green Shot
2 Tablespoons of E3 Live  read Superfood of All Superfoods
1 Teaspoon of Liquid fish oil Carlsons or Pharmax
1 oz of Pure Aloe Force
Splash of Orange Juice for taste

These two things are so super nutritious that most of the time I am satisfied and do not eat anything else at breakfast.

I sit on my couch and spend at least 5 – 15 minutes in meditation.  As I breathe I visualize all the things in my life I appreciate.  This not only helps get my day off on the “right foot” but it also puts oxygen in my blood which helps nourish the skin. Read Meditate Your Way to Ageless Beauty

Supplement List
Probiotic – “Custom Probiotics” 1 per day
Magnesium Citrate (DaVinci Laboratories of Vermont) 1 scoop in the evening
Melatonin from Intensive Nutrition Inc. – 1 tablet at bedtime to help with sleep

**I am also on bio identical hormones – see a Doctor or Natureopath Doctor who specializes in biodentical hormones.  Read Reverse the Sagging Saga

Food Tips
Salads – every day eat 1 big salad with at least 5 different raw veggies  such as sprouts, red bell pepper, cucumber, cilantro, radishes, tomatoes, etc.

Salad Dressing – make your own. read Is Your Salad Dressing Making You Fat?

Smoothies – great way to get super nutrition. Read Ultimate Beauty Boosting Smoothie

Avoid as much as possible, breads, grains, sugar and alcohol.

Water – I drink 8 glasses of Alkaline water per day.  Read Drink Your Way to Good Health

Pau D’Arco tea – 2 – 3 cups a day.  Read Healing Tea Creates Youthful Skin

Sun – get your body in the sun.  Sunlight helps the body to create Vitamin D3, crucial to your health and your mood.  See The Healthiest Thing You Can Do For Yourself and It’s Free.

Exercise – do something for 20 minutes every day, walk, jump on a trampoline, do yoga.

Nothing will age you quicker than lack of sleep.  I try to get at least 7  hours a night.

Mind Your Thoughts
I believe that everything in our life begins with a thought, I mean everything.  Be aware of what you are thinking.  Are you thinking thoughts of health, beauty, love, prosperity, or are you thinking thoughts of ______________?  Read Minding Your I Am’s.

Yes it is a long list, but don’t drive yourself crazy trying to do everything at once.  Pick one or two things and then every couple of weeks add something else.