My Cheap Hair Product Revealed


Psssst dry shampoo

Years ago I used to buy an instant shampoo called Psssssst. I was trying to avoid over washing and over processing my hair so that it would look really healthy and grow longer. Instant shampoo really worked!

Then all of a sudden they discontinued making the only instant shampoo on the market. I frantically ran to several stores and bought up the remaining bottles.100 Percent Pure

I got the bright idea to read the ingredient list and see if I could somehow recreate Pssst. Corn starch was one of the main ingredients.

Turns out corn starch can be an ageless beauty’s best friend.

It soaks up the oil at the roots and gives the hair a fresh clean look. I happen to have fine hair, so I love that it also adds a little texture to my hair.

I put a dime size of corn starch in the palm of my hand, rub my hands together and then quickly massage into my scalp. It not only soaks up the oil, being a blonde it brightens my roots. Talk about a cheap fix.

Baby Powder with Lavender

Then they started making baby powder with corn starch.


This is what I use now because it smells good and it comes in a convenient container. Baby powder with cornstarch is a fabulous inexpensive instant shampoo as well as an instant root brightener.

Today there are tons of instant shampoos on the market, Psssst is even back, but for any ageless beauty looking for a cheap non-toxic ageless beauty hair product, baby powder with cornstarch works great.

If you are interested in non-toxic hair products be sure to read Great Color No Toxins.