Magnesium Deficiency Accelerates Aging

Magnesium is a miracle mineral that every doctor should be talking about, but they are not, so I will.

I already knew about the importance of magnesium, but I started digging deeper when a friend told me she had calcification in her breasts.

You know me, I am never going to accept the standard medical response. “We don’t know why this happens, or it’s due to aging, or sorry nothing can be done”.

I wanted to know the real reason calcification in the breast and calcification everywhere else in the body happens and how to fix it.

The Magnesium MiracleAccording to Dr. Carolyn Dean, Author of The Magnesium Mineral

Calcium becomes toxic when there is magnesium deficiency. (Keep in mind that 80 – 90 percent of all Americans are deficient in magnesium.)

If there is not enough magnesium in your body then the calcium that you get from food and supplements does not completely dissolve.

You can actually try an experiment at home. Take 1 Calcium pill, crush and place in 1oz of water to see how much dissolves. Then crush a magnesium pill and add to the calcium and slowly stir. You will find that once the magnesium is added the remaining calcium dissolves.

So what happens to undissolved calcium in our bodies?

You end up with excess calcium in the blood stream that can cause

  • Hardening of the arteries, which leads to high blood pressure, heart disease, strokes and even Alzheimers
    Dental Cavities
    Kidney Stones
    Wrinkled Skin
    Bone Spurs

Unabsorbed calcium can also lodge anywhere in the body.

  • Bones and joints, mimicking arthritis
    Heart, causing aterial lessions and heart disease
  • Aortic Valve – #1 cause of heart valve replacement
    Brain, causing senility
    Breasts causing microcalcifications

Now you can see how magnesium deficiency accelerates aging. Not only does it cause wrinkled skin, it can cause horrible health issues that will zap the very life out of you.

There is controversy surrounding how accurate tests are to detect magnesium levels because only 1% of magnesium in the body is actually found in the blood. Ask your doctor for the best testing methods.

What are the signs of Magnesium Deficiency?

  • Loss of appetite
    Cold hands or feet
    Difficulty getting to sleep
    Difficulty staying asleep
    Numbness and tingling
    Muscle Contractions and Cramps
  • Weight gain
    Personality changes
    Coronary spasms
    Abnormal heart rhythms

The Weight Connection

Magnesium helps the body digest, absorb, and utilize proteins, fats. Magnesium also helps prevent obesity genes from expressing themselves.

Food cravings and eating past being full can be due to a lack of minerals and vitamins and specifically magnesium in the diet.

Dr. Dean says that “Magnesium is also necessary in the chemical reaction that allows insulin to usher glucose into cells, where glucose is involved in making energy for the body. If there is not enough magnesium to do this job, both insulin and glucose become elevated. The excess glucose gets stored as fat and contributes to obesity. Having excess insulin puts you on the road toward diabetes.

She goes on to say that “very few healthcare practitioners in the world have learned much about magnesium medicine. Add in the decades of dairy industry marketing pushing calcium we now have a situation that is literally killing millions of people.”

Currently there are no pharmaceutical drugs on the market to reduce calcium deposits.

David Wolfe, a very famous natural health expert, and someone I have followed for years says,
“MSM , which is Sulfur, has been shown to break down the calcification that is frequently associated with chronic inflammation. In your arteries, it’s called plaque, which leads to heart disease. These plaques are the root cause of inflammation.
MSM helps dissolve these calcified deposits, turning it into calcium sulfate and making it soluble so your body can excrete it,” David explains.
As with most supplements, quality is a concern when it comes to MSM as well. David recommends using wood pulp or tree-derived MSM.
I use an organic sulfur from that has been totally vetted. Keep in mind that Organic Sulfur is MSM but not all MSM is organic Sulfur.
For more info on Sulfur read this article.

Start out at ½ teaspoon in 8 ozs of pure water in glass or stainless steel 3 x a day. Every 3 or 4 days add another ½ teaspoon until you work your way up to 1 Tablespoon 3x a day. Once the calcification has dissolved you can go back down to 1/2 – 1 teaspoon 2x a day. Keep in mind that you may experience some mild to moderate detoxing effects such as headaches or nausea.

You also must add magnesium rich foods to the diet, while avoiding the magnesium deficient habits listed below.

There are many other contributing factors to magnesium deficiency.

Estrogen Dominance – can lead to magnesium deficiency (be sure to have your hormone levels checked)

Carbonated Beverages contain phosphates that bind with magnesium in the digestive tract, rendering it unavailable to the body.

Junk Foods such as donuts, pastries, cakes, desserts, candies and other sweet foods containing refined sugar cause the body to excrete magnesium from the kidneys.

Stress can cause a magnesium deficiency, which will also magnify and worsen the stress reaction. Stressful conditions both psychological and physical actually require more magnesium use by the body.

Caffeinated Drinks such as coffee and tea cause the kidneys to release magnesium.

Alcohol can cause the body to excrete magnesium. Alcohol also contributes to decreased efficiency of the digestive system, as well as Vitamin D deficiency, both of which can contribute to low magnesium levels.

There are several ways you can get more magnesium in your diet.

Magnesium rich foods

From the foods you eat

  • Dark Leafy greens
    Nuts and seeds
  • Fish
    Whole Grains
    Dark Chocolate

You can also use a magnesium supplement.

Dr. Sherry Rogers recommends

Natural Calm MagnesiumNatural Calm A Relaxing Magnesium Supplement

This is a powdered drink that is formulated to avoid excess dietary calcium and contains

Magnesium from magnesium citrate
Another product I use is

Ancient Minerals

Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil

This product contains Magnesium chloride plus natural trace minerals.
You can put in your bath or use as a lotion. I keep some in a spray bottle and spray 1 oz over my body immediately following a shower or bath.

To read more on the importance of Magnesium

My hope is that you will implement this information so that you can experience ageless health and beauty.