Lose It! for FREE

You know me , I am all about spreading the word on the best ways to look and feel great! I have a fantastic tool I think you will love, and best of all it is free!!

Thanks to my friend Catherine Curry Williams for turning me on to a free weight loss app called “Lose It!”. I love it! It works on iphones, androids, ipads, and it is online at www.loseit.com

You type in your current height and weight and goal weight. It gives you a choice of how fast you want to lose the weight….1/2 lb per week, etc. “Lose It” then calculates the amount of calories to eat per day to meet your goals.

It is similar to “Weight Watchers” online site, except that it is about calories, not points, and of course it is free.

There are some other really cool features. A “friends” section lets you lose weight with your friends, which is more fun. Statistics show that users with 3 or more friends lose more weight than losers with no friends on the site.

There are reports that let you track your progress, and a place to “add exercise” into the weight loss equation.

I am definitely not a “technical” person and find “Lose It” fun and easy to use. I love that everywhere I go I can enter what I am eating.

The biggest thing for me is that by tracking my calories I can be totally honest about how much I am eating every day and exactly what I am eating.

According to Lose It! 63% of Americans grossly underestimate their daily calorie intake, consuming a staggering 2700 calories. For example, a 5’ 7” 50 year old woman weighing around 133 lbs should consume only 1800 calories a day to maintain her weight.

Dr. Oz recommends that if you want to lose weight do not cut your calorie intake by more than 500 calories a day, or your body will go into starvation mode and your metabolism will slow down.

I also like to play a little game with “Lose It!” called “The Biggest Bang Per Calorie”. I try to eat the most amount of food I can for the amount of calories I am allowed to consume. This means foregoing sweets, snack foods and drinks with calories and replacing them with lots of fresh vegetables, grass fed beef, organic chicken, wild salmon, fruits, a small amount of nuts and healthy oils like coconut oil and olive oil and lots of alkaline water. www.trualka.com

It has been my experience that eating like this not only helps you lose weight faster by speeding up your metabolism and nourishing your body, it helps you stick with the plan because you are more satiated.

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