Kim Basinger Ageless Beauty Secret


kim basinger uses collagen gel

I have always admired the way Kim Basinger

has aged so gracefully.


Actually she really seems to not age at all considering that she is 59 years old.

My husband has worked with her several times over the years and every time he comments on how she has the most amazing gorgeous skin he has ever seen. Believe me that is saying a lot coming from someone who has worked with just about every high profile, beautiful celebrity in the world.


Ireland Baldwin Kim Basinger’s 17 year old daughter Ireland is beginning to make a name for herself as a model.


She was recently interviewed and offered up information on how her gorgeous mom has managed to remain so beautiful and ageless.

Ireland says her mom has used Collagen Gel for years. So of course I did some research so see if this could explain why Kim Basinger’s skin looks so amazing.

What exactly is Collagen?

It is the most abundant protein in the human body. Collagen supports the structure of the skin, internal organs, cartilage and bones.

Collagen gives skin structural support, creating a youthful, plump and firm look. When collagen levels are compromised that’s when skin starts to show signs of aging.

Some things that can compromise collagen production include smoking, too much alcohol, lack of sleep, and poor diet.

To make matters worse, once you hit 25 years of age the biological processes that make collagen in the body start to decline. Not only is less collagen produced, the collagen that is still produced is not as thick and long as they once were.

Oh I sure wish I had known about this when I hit 25. But it does possibly explain why Kim Basinger looks so good? If she has been using Collagen Gel for years, that could explain why her skin is not sagging like most 59 year olds.

I was shocked to discover that a lot of anti-aging skin care will tighten and firm the skin, but because it is a chemical reaction, the skin cells are tricked into thinking that the “job” has been done therefore they do not need to produce any more collagen. This eventually causes your skin to age faster causing more harm than good.

Collagen however, doesn’t just heighten diminished collagen levels; it works alongside the biological processes that link collagen proteins together, making your own processes work better. Biochemically active collagen makes your own cells more effective in performing their job function: to boost collagen levels in the skin.

The key here is to use biochemically active collagen. This means that the product has been processed with very minimal heat which preserves the active, live parts of the collagen. Of course most skin care products on the market are mass produced with high heat, which destroys enzymes and active ingredients.

I have been using an all natural collagen cream that is biochemically active and contains no preservatives. I am loving it. I do see a plumpness in my skin just after the first week. Unfortunately this product is not yet ready for wide distribution.

When this fantastic new product is ready for market my Ageless Beauty subscribers will be the first to know.

I did some research to see if I could find a collagen gel that fits all my safe and non-toxic criteria. I could not find one. Every one that I looked at had a toxic ingredient that goes against what The Ageless Beauty Report stands for.

There are safe and non-toxic skin care products that help boost your skin’s own collagen production. Click here to read Unique Skin Care Gets Results.
100 Percent Pure

I recommend 100% Pure’s Vitamin C Serum. Vitamin C, whether applied topically or ingested is a great way to boost collagen production.

If you know of a safe and non-toxic collagen cream or gel, please let me know in the comments section.

Collagen applied daily from a young age could possibly be the answer to plump, tight youthful skin, preventing the sagging saga of aging skin and best of all a trip to the plastic surgeon.