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Interesting Story behind Cheap Cure for Acne

My 14 year old daughter has been suffering from terrible breakouts. She has been so good to follow a diet with very little sugar and lots of fruits and veggies. This lessons the breakouts but they have never completely gone away until now.

A couple of weeks ago I was at my Naturopath Doctor for a checkup. I asked if she knew of anything for acne. She told me to give my daughter a high dose of Vitamin A every day for 1 – 3 months. If at 1 month there is no acne, you stop taking the vitamin A at high doses and you are “cured”.

That’s when I remembered that 55 years ago when my Mother was a teenager she had been “cured” of acne with Vitamin A. Yes I mean her acne did not come back. The cure was cheap, and only took about 30 days.

WARNING: I am not listing the amount that my daughter is on because Vitamin A can reach toxic levels and cause birth defects in pregnant women. If you are interested in this treatment, please see a Naturopath Doctor in your area.

The Vitamin A cure for acne is not just any kind of Vitamin A. It is a non synthetic Vitamin A that comes from Fish Liver Oil. (Synthetic Vitamin A can reach toxic levels much faster.) The Vitamin A treatment has worked like a dream for my daughter. I am thrilled and of course she is thrilled.

Reports say that while this treatment does not work for everyone, it does work for a lot of people. While taking high doses of Vitamin A can be toxic, my doctor told me that she has never had anyone reach toxic levels taking non synthetic Vitamin A from fish liver oil.

Signs of toxicity include, the whites of your eyes turn yellow, pain under your rib cage, burning itching skin.

Here is where the story gets very interesting. I was doing research on the subject and was shocked to find out that it has been known since 1913 that Vitamin A can cure acne

In 1913 Artic explorers were running short on food and tried to eat polar bear meat, but hating the taste and texture, they opted to eat it’s liver instead. This meal contained up to 3 million IU’s of Vitamin A. (The average vitamin A capsule from fish liver oil has 10,000 – 25,000 IUs.) Several of the explorers died, but the survivors reported that their acne had been cured.

At the same time the Eskimos were beginning to experience a strange plague of skin diseases. The race had once relied on a diet of heavily fatty fishes making their livers strong and able to store large amounts of vitamin A. When they switched to a modern diet they did not get enough vitamin A which led to larger oil glands and ultimately cystic acne.

Researchers discovered everyone’s daily requirement for Vitamin A is different. If any of your ancestors relied on fatty fishes, then your body may require more Vitamin A. Unfortunately the general public has not been educated on this information. To protect the “masses” the RDA of vitamin A is very low.

The pharmaceutical companies knew that Vitamin A could cure acne…so what did they do??? They created Accutane, which is a synthetic form of Vitamin A. Accutane has terrible side effects that many consider worse than the acne itself. The kicker is that while Vitamin A from fish liver oil can be a “cure” for acne, Accutane only works if you continue to take it.

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