How to Prevent and Reverse Gray Hair Naturally

First off, I think there is nothing wrong with gray hair.  So many times gray hair has a softening effect.  It creates a light  around the face therefore making lines and wrinkles less visible.

My husband who is a professional photographer is known for making older celebrities look younger by using this same effect with light.  When there is enough light on the face, the deep lines and wrinkles can no longer create a shadow, therefore making the lines and wrinkles disappear.  This is exactly why celebrities in their 50’s, 60’s and 70’s can look so great on camera.


Sometimes though, a person is just not ready for gray hair.   Especially if someone is prematurely gray, it can cause them to be perceived as older than they really are.

I have to share a quick story.  Years ago, probably 20 plus years, I was at a movie screening.  I can’t remember what movie, but I will never forget…


seeing Billy Crystal up close and personal.

At the time he was in his early to mid 40’s and he was totally gray.  I was so shocked. I realized that he was prematurely gray and when he wasn’t filming a movie he didn’t color his hair.

Of course that’s Hollywood for you.  The on going quest for youthfulness is hard not to get caught up in.  Not only do actors feel they have to look youthful, even people who work behind the scenes do not want to be perceived as “old”.  I have a writer friend who ask that no one post Happy 50th on his Facebook page because he didn’t want Hollywood to know how old he really is.  Crazy.

What exactly causes gray hair and can we do anything about it?

Gray hair can be caused by a vitamin b12 deficiency, anemia, poor nutrition, thyroid disease, cigarette smoking and even heart disease.

According to San Diego dermatologist, Jeffery Benabio, hair goes gray when color-producing cells stop producing pigment.  The age at which you start turning gray can be due to your genes and your nationality.

Typically white people start going gray in their mid-30’s, Asians in their late 30’s and African-Americans in their mid-40s.

Research in the Journal of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology says that an accumulation of hydrogen peroxide in hair follicles causes hair to “bleach itself from the inside out”.

The exciting news is that there is a natural hair product that nourishes gray hair to grow back in its natural color.

I have seen this product work first hand.  My good friend’s husband who is 60 years old went from heavy salt and pepper hair back to his natural pepper color right before my very eyes.

This all natural hair product was created by a retired pharmacist.  This pharmacist told me that his product not only gets rid of the hydrogen peroxide accumulation in the hair follicles, it also restores lost protein and enzymes needed to keep color in the hair.    (The only thing it would not work on is if the hair follicle is completely dead.)

The product is not available in stores, in fact he has only made it available to friends and family.

But not anymore! Coming very soon, I will be able to offer this all natural  hair product to you via The Ageless Beauty Report.

If you are someone or you know someone that would be interested in this product, please let me know.