Hollywood Elite Success Secrets Revealed

Here in Hollywood, we are surrounded by uber success. People who seem to magically be able to take an idea and turn it into blockbuster gold. Performers who turn their celebrity into mass marketing gold. Executives who seem to continuously climb up the ladder of success year after year.

I have often wondered do they know something I don’t know? Through a very interesting turn of events I have been connected with that magical something that is an open secret in Hollywood. An open secret that I did not know anything about. Now that I know, I want to share with you what I believe can transform your problems into courage, confidence, and creativity.

For those of you who don’t know, my husband is a Director of Photography and works on everything from documentaries, movies, and television news specials. Just about every week he is working on something different. So last week I ask him, what are you working on this week? He said “I don’t really know much, just that this is supposed to be bigger than “The Secret”. Here, read the e-mail I got on it, I haven’t had time to read it.”

A new self help book with techniques and tools with 20 years of proven success by multiple Academy Award Winners, CEOs, writers, directors, producers, actors, agents, and attorneys. The book has been acquired by 34 foreign markets and will be immediately for sale at Costco and Walmart, which is huge. I was very intrigued. I quickly looked up “The Tools” on amazon.com and saw that Mariane Williamson had written a very favorable review as well as the Academy Award winning screenwriter of the movie Traffic. I was intrigued even more.

The next night I got to go with my husband and watch as he shot a seminar with the authors of “The Tools.”

Phil Stutz, a psychiatrist and Barry Michels , a psychotherapist discovered long ago that traditional therapy did not supply their clients with the tools they needed to help them with their issues in the present moment. Phil developed a set of 5 tools through personal events in his own life and then began to use them with much success in his practice. In the seminar that I attended, I watched as they revealed one of the five tools to the group. I was left wanting to know more, but then quickly realized they were not going to reveal more “Tools” to the television audience because they want you to buy the book.


I went home and read the entire book in 24 hours. I could identify with just about everything in the book. I love that “The Tools” are actual exercises that you can do just about anywhere at anytime. The author says you don’t have to believe, you just have to use the tools and they will work. They are designed to help you access the creative power of the unconscious and to utilize a power greater than yourself, what I call Source Energy, or some call God. Utilizing “The Tools” I have already experienced a moment of truly feeling that energy flow through me. It is amazing.

Will this book be bigger than “The Secret”? I think it certainly has the potential to be bigger because the “how to” action steps are clearly defined. But the real question for myself and everyone else, is will we continue to use “The Tools” to get the success out of life we want? Phil and Barry have that covered too. They even have a “Tool” that will help you to continue to use “The Tools”.

The Hollywood elite have paid dearly for this info. According to The New Yorker magazine, private sessions with Phil Stutz or Barry Michels start at a whopping $360 per hour. But now for the paltry price of a book you can have access to the priceless “Tools” that have helped some of the biggest names in Hollywood reach the pinnacle of success.

ABC’s Nightline will profile Phil and Barry and their new book “The Tools” tomorrow night, Tuesday June 5th. If you miss it you will be able to see the story on Nightline’s website.

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