Hara Hachi Bu for a More Slimmer and Energetic You

No wonder the Okinawans in Japan are more slender and a lot healthier than most Americans.

Follow this ancient Confucius philosophy and you too can leave dieting behind and add years to your life.

The Okinawans are the only human population to have a self-imposed calorie restriction. Scientist know that this can help you live longer and the Okinawans most certainly do. Almost 29% live to be 100. That’s more than four times the average in America.


Hara Hachi Bu, eat until you are only 80 percent full. Hey it even rhymes. Such a simple thing to follow, and if you do it for 30 days in a row it will become an automatic habit.

In this country food is so fast and so plentiful and such a social event that I think many of us have forgotten or have gotten out of the habit of paying attention to our true level of hunger and our true level of satiety. Think about how often you eat when you’re really not hungry.

The way we eat also distracts us from how we feel.

eating in carWe eat on the go, in the car, standing up in the kitchen, or in front of the TV. No wonder we forget to focus on how we feel.

So how can you develop this slimming habit?

  1. Always take the time to sit down and eat with no distractions.
  2. Take a moment to give thanks or to appreciate what you are about to eat.
  3. Eat slowly
  4. Stop when you are half way through the food on your plate and ask yourself, am I still hungry? Could I stop eating now?
  5. When you feel that you still have room for 20% more food, stop eating.
  6. Focus on how light and energetic you feel.

Remember it takes a full 20 minutes before our brain gets the signal that our stomachs are full. So stopping at 80 percent full can help you avoid overeating and feeling stuffed 5 – 10 minutes after you have finished eating.

Of course the kinds of food you eat are important. But learning to stop at 80% full is a great start to a healthier you. I think the key to making Hara Hachi Bu a habit is to constantly focus on how light and energetic you feel when you eat until you are only 80 percent full. Remember you will attract more of what you focus on.

I say Hara Hachi Bu is a simple way to create a more energetic and slimmer you.