Getting Your Man on the Age Less Bandwagon

It can mean the difference between you having fun with your man for many years to come or you becoming a nursemaid. I know we signed up for “in sickness and in health”, but I am NOT going to be a nursemaid if I can help it and if you read my blog then you know that we can HELP it!

It doesn’t matter what age your man is, the time to start aging less is now. After all an Ageless Beauty wants her man to Age Less and be Beautiful too.

When it comes to my man I have tried many approaches:

  • Green smoothies for breakfast = Grouchy Husband
  • No junk food in the house = Grouchier Husband
  • No sex unless you eat all your veggies = Grouchiest Husband

Ladies, the best way to get a man to do anything is to make it his idea and then cheer him on.

The best book to plant that seed is “I Married A Nutritionist” by Steve and Karen Roth.

Karen Roth happens to be my nutritionist. I knew that she was writing a “nutrition” book with her husband Steve Roth, a comedy tv writer. I decided to take the book with me on vacation, expecting your run of the mill informational nutrition book. You know, the kind that most men would never ever pick up to read.

Boy was I wrong. As I read through the book chapter by chapter, I kept thinking wow, this really is an entertaining book with great information that a man can easily relate to.

There is comedic potty humor repartee in chapters titled:

  • Think Twice about Holding Back Your Nuts
  • Just Beet It
  • Take a Leek
  • Is That a Cell Phone in Your Pocket Or….

And subjects like “Coconut Water for Hydration and Hangovers” “Toxic Receipts, Man Boobs and More” and “Is Your Sunscreen Killing Your Manliness?” that turn “I Married a Nutritionist” into a page turner that is hard to put down.

The other thing I love about this book is that while it covers a lot of nutrition and wellness ground, it is all easily doable, and does not feel like information overload.

You can get the book at The Ageless Beauty Shop(Click Here) You will want to read it first, then strategically open it up to one of the many eye-catching subjects and then leave it where your man is most likely to see it… to the toilet, under the tv remote, in the liquor cabinet…you get the idea.

“I Married A Nutritionist” by Steve and Karen Roth is a fantastic tool to help get your man on the Age Less Bandwagon.

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