Get More Bang for Your Skin Care Buck!

My sister works in the skin care business. She kept telling me about the Clarisonic skin cleansing system.“It removes your make up 6x better than manual cleaning alone, and this will help your anti-aging skin care work more effectively”

Guess what my husband got me for Christmas???? A Clarisonic system and I LOVE it!! It’s great having a sister whisper gift ideas to my husband!

The Clarisonic Skin Cleansing System

My experience has been…Yes it really does get your skin extra clean and you can feel and see an immediate difference…my pores appear smaller and my skin tone and texture is improved. No make-up or dirt or grime left on your skin. Therefore your skin can more easily absorb and utilize your skin care.

Clarisonic is also easy to use. Put your favorite cleanser on your face, then lightly wet your Clarisonic brush and use over your face avoiding the eye area for 1 minute. (the brush is programmed to stop after 1 minute) It is safe to take in the shower. My night time ritual is to use it while I relax in my bath tub. (this is one way that I treat myself well!!)

It is the exact same technology as the Sonicare tooth brush. The sonic vibration helps loosen make-up, dirt, excess oil on your face, which gives your skin a deep cleanse that you can’t get when you clean manually. I also think that the vibration must stimulate blood flow to the skin…which in

turn nourishes your skin.

Clarisonic has done several studies. The one I am most interested in was on women with mature skin who regularly used an anti-aging skin care regime. (that would be me)

After 12 weeks 80% of the 55 women in the study reported a visible improvement in the appearance, skin tone, texture, skin elasticity and firmness, and reduced appearance of pores. You can check out the full study on

There are several versions of the Clarisonic. I use the basic Mia version. There is also a Pro Sonic Cleansing for Face and Body and a Clarisonic Pro Delux 4 speed. The best pricing is at

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