Youth in 1 pill

Fountain of Youth in 1 pill

Protandim is Fountain of Youth

I know it sounds unbelievable, but yes I have found the closest thing possible to “The Fountain of Youth” .

In fact this pill was a huge part of an all natural cancer curing protocol that had astounding results for my husband. Before I get to that story, let me explain more about this pill.

This 1 pill a day, all natural herbal supplement, goes way beyond outer beauty. It can dramatically change your health. I know, because I have personally experienced the amazing effects.

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Protandim is an all natural herbal supplement with 5 main ingredients, Milk Thistle, Turmeric, Green Tea, Bacopa, & Ashwagandha. It is the ratio of these ingredients that make it so effective.

Why is Protandim the closet thing to “The Fountain of Youth”? Protandim is the only supplement clinically proven to reduces oxidative stress in humans (a major factor in aging) by 40% in 30 days.


Protandim® is not an anti-oxidant Supplement. It is a NRF-2 Activator. This DNA pathway up regulates 500 of the 25,000 genes in our body. These genes are called the survival genes. The Superoxide Dismutase enzymes will Neutralize 1, 000,000 Free Radicals per second every second. The Oxidative Stress is reduced in every mammal by 40 to 70% – 100% of the time. Oxidative Stress is related to over 250 ageing diseases.



I did not go looking for Protandim, it literally found me. I happened to be spending time with a loved one at the Issels clinic, a world famous integrative cancer center in Santa Barbara. While there, I had some testing done on myself. One of the issues that showed up was severe arthritis. (I really didn’t need testing to show me that….I felt like I had the knees of a 90 year old)

Dr. Issels sent me home with some supplements, not explaining what they did. I started taking them, 1 pill a day and about 10 days in I noticed that my skin was glowing and I was experiencing a feeling of extreme well being. I eat really healthy, so I didn’t think much about it. Then a day later I realized that my knees were totally back to normal. I could bend my knees and squat down low with no pain. That is when it dawned on me it must be the supplement I was on.

I immediately started to do research on Protandim. I knew that Dr. Issels does not use anything in his protocols unless there is clinical proof that it works. Sure enough I found lots of proof.

15 Universities, including Harvard have conducted studies on Protandim

14 peer reviewed papers on

I found a segment that ABC PRIMETIME’s John Quiones did on Protandim.

John Quiones has his blood taken and his T Bars measured. T-Bars are an indicator of age and oxidative stress. He then goes home and takes 1 Protandim a day for 2 weeks. He then goes back to the lab and gets his blood taken again. The results were nothing short of amazing. His oxidative stress levels had decreased by 45%.


Oxidative stress, which causes inflammation, is not only the BIGGEST cause of aging but is the beginning of all disease, including heart disease, cancer, arthritis, alzheimers, and much more.

Anyone interested in reversing the aging process and protecting their long term health, must take a serious look at Protandim.

Protandim was originally available in GNC stores. The sales clerks did not really have a vested interests in learning about all the products on the shelf, therefore no one understood the benefits and the product did not sell.

The owner of the company then decided to offer Protandim via Network Marketing. The word quickly spread about what Protandim can do and the sales skyrocketed. Word also got out to alternative doctors, there are even some very famous doctors in Beverly Hills who use Protandim in their practice.

Now for my personal story. The reason I was at the Issels clinic is because my husband was diagnosed with stage 3 prostate cancer that had spread outside of the prostate. I did extensive research on the treatments that western medicine had to offer. I also interviewed 10 men who had gone the western treatment route. I did not like what I saw and heard.

That’s when I started digging deeper, researching and researching. I uncovered so many amazing things that have been known for years, I am talking 50 years or so, but this information is not made public.

One of the things I learned was that Protandim stimulates your body to produce 300% more glutathione. Glutathione is the master antioxidant of the body and helps reduce inflammation and detox toxins out of your body. Toxic overload is one of the major causes of cancer. Once you get the toxins out of the body, this strengthens the immune system to fight the cancer.

I then discovered via the website, the most comprehensive alternative protocol cancer website, that protandim has been known to cure cancer. Yes you heard me right. Anywhere from 2 pills to 6 pills per day.So I immediately started my husband on 4 pills, per day, 1 pill morning, noon, afternoon, and evening. This was just one part of the protocol. I had him on 4 separate protocols that have each been reported to cure cancer.

I am happy to report that my husband is now cancer free. No surgery, No radiation, No chemo, No hormones.
All 6 of the individual markers for cancer came back at ZERO Cancer. (I am writing a book on our story and the protocols we used in hopes of helping others get well or prevent this horrible disease in the first place)

He will be continuing on all of the natural protocols for a minimum of 2 years. It takes years to develop cancer and years to completely restore the body.

I personally feel that it is impossible to avoid all toxins and therefore taking 1 protandim a day will not only greatly reduce inflammation, the #1 cause of aging, but is also an important part of a cancer preventing regimen.

It has been my experience that not everyone feels a difference being on Protandim, but everyone who has had their inflammation levels tested after having been on Protandim for 30 days or more showed an amazing improvement.

To order the product click here, then click on product. You can choose to order 1 bottle at $50 or get on autoship and the price goes down to $40 per bottle. One bottle will last you one month and you can cancel your autoship at anytime no questions asked. No you do not have to build a network marketing business, no you will never be contacted and asked to build a business. You can be a consumer just like me.

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*These statements have not been approved by the FDA. This is for informational purposes and is not meant to treat or cure any disease.