Famous Anti-aging Doctor Introduces Cosmetic Procedure that Produces Results

I have to admit that for many reasons I myself have never had any of the current popular cosmetic procedures.
Some I am just too afraid of, and some are just too expensive.

Recently I interviewed Dr. Howard Liebowitz, an antiaging doctor famous for treating some very high profile celebrities, including Suzanne Somers and Dr. Phil. The interview was mostly about Organic Herbal Face Food, the powerful antiaging serum that I have written about and now offer through my site. Dr. Liebowitz personally uses the product and offers it to all his patients.

Dr. Liebowitz is such an amazing anti aging expert, I could have spent hours talking with him. I did get some great anti aging information that I will be sharing with you over the next couple of weeks via video.

The first is a new cosmetic procedure that has been popular in Asia for years called Dermal Needling.

I have not personally had this procedure done, but I am very very interested, especially after seeing Dr. Liebowitz’s personal before and after pictures.

Dr. Howard LeibowitzDr. Howard Liebowitz Before Dermal Needling


Dr. Howard LeibowitzDr. Howard Liebowitz After Dermal Needling


Learn more about this procedure from Dr. Howard Liebowitz.

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