Essential Foundation of Ageless Beauty

Taking great care of your skin is essential for long term outer beauty.

I was very fortunate to have a mother and grandmother that drove this point home by example from a very early age.

Unfortunately , the skin care industry is self regulated, which means many companies put profits before people using the cheapest ingredients that are often so toxic they can cause long term devastating health issues.


My goal here at The Ageless Beauty Report is to shine a spot light on the things you can do and the products you can use that will make sure all your efforts at ageless beauty are not only effective but safe.

While I can not try every single product line out there, I would go broke, I was so impressed with the philosophy of this line, that I had to try it. It is fantastic.


Dr. Alkaitis is a line of Holistic Organic Skin Food, literally skin care that is so pure you can eat it.


Dr. Alkaitis is a highly regarded research scientist with a PHD in chemistry, who spent a large part of his career focusing on indepth plant research that few people have ever done.

Dr. Alkaitis formulated his skin care products as therapeutic raw health food for the skin. In fact he says it is the only rational approach to timeless beauty.


Keep in mind, that your skin is your largest organ, and every thing you put on it is absorbed into the blood stream.



Some more very interesting highlights of Dr. Alkaitis

  • All products are formulated and manufactured by Dr. Alkaitis
  • (you would be surprised how many high end lines are formulated and manufactured by 3rd party companies)
  • All products are biologically active
  • (this means the goodness has not been cooked out)
  • All products are made 100% from plants
  • (this means no synthetic ingredients)
  • Products are never older than 2 weeks when shipped with a shelf life of 1 year.
  • (this is incredible, the shelf life of most skin care lines is 3 – 10 years

Dr. Alkaitis even has a celebrity following.

Irosanana arquette I just want to say how much I love the Dr. Alkaitis products. I’m addicted. It’s really been great for my skin and I’m loving the results. I feel and look younger for someone who doesn’t do botox. I love the natural way. I can’t sleep without it. Thank you.
Rosanna Arquette

Alkaitis Travel Kit

If you are interested in trying out the Dr. Alkaitis product line, I suggest you start out with purchasing the travel kit and go from there, that’s what I did.


Keep in mind the products are 100% pure with no fillers or preservatives, so a little goes a long way.

If you are using Dr. Alkaitis, let me know your thoughts on the product line.