Easy Way to Super Charge Your Metabolism

Slow Metabolism

Let’s face it, if you are 35, 40 or pushing 50 , you may have noticed that your metabolism has begun to slow down.

Have I got a sweet remedy for you.

cinnamon boost metabolism

Just 1 teaspoon a day of this tasty spice can increase your metabolism 20 times beyond it natural ability, helping you burn stored fat and calories more quickly and efficiently.

Hmmm Cinnamon, a teaspoon a day keeps unwanted fat away.
I can’t think of an easier or tastier way to watch my weight and even lose a few pounds.

Studies also show that cinnamon helps the body to metabolize sugars more efficiently and effectively, leading to a decrease in blood sugar levels.

Keep in mind that high blood sugar causes inflammation and inflammation is the #1 cause of aging.

There are so many ways to enjoy cinnamon.

Cinnamon smoothie
I put it in my breakfast shakes, or coffee, or tea. Of course you can sprinkle on oatmeal or make old fashioned cinnamon toast…use stevia instead of sugar.

You do want to get a quality organic cinnamon. I recommend you buy online because a lot of times what is in the store is so old it has lost it’s potency.

I buy mine from mountain rose herbs. It is the best bang for your buck and it is organic to boot.

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