E3Live Superfood of all Superfoods

I have found an amazing Super Superfood called E3Live that is so convenient and so easy, anyone and everyone can add it to their regimen.

It doesn’t matter if you are a junk food junky with a 2 a day Diet Coke habit, a busy career woman with no time to “think” about a balanced diet, an overloaded, over scheduled sleep deprived teenager, or a health conscious nut in search of the best ways to feel great and age less. Yes my whole family will easily pick me out of that group.

Here’s the deal….you take a shot of this super superfood in the morning and then again in the afternoon or at night when you get home. Literally all you have to do is open the fridge, pull out the bottle, unscrew the lid, aim, pour and down it. There’s no chopping, no cooking, no fixing, no mixing. Got the easy, convenient part out of the way. Now for the super duper what it can do for you that will seal the deal. Drum roll please…yes it deserves a drum roll!

The Superfood of all Superfoods has been reported to:

  • Lifts depression in a matter of days – Hmmmm Prozac with side effects or Super Superfood with no side effects.
  • Creates expanded joy and awareness. Just imagine a world where everyone around you including YOU is happy!!!
  • Unlock the brain of Alzheimer patients – Its true and we must spread the word, this disease is horrific.
  • Unlock the brain of Autism – Can someone make sure Jenny McCarthy knows about this? I am dead serious.
  • Assist in curing addiction – What there is an easier, gentler, kinder way to deal with addiction?
  • Help kids and adults with ADD and ADHD focus and concentrate – What parent in their right mind would chose Ritalin over a super superfood with no side effects? But first parents have to know there are options. Think of all the kids who would no longer have to struggle in class…and haven’t you ever wondered why there seems to be more and more and more ADD…Yes nutrition matters… This was always my first gut feeling.

Many people are also reporting….

  • Mental clarity – sure has helped me write this blog
  • Increased energy levels – I certainly have more now
  • Incinerates unwanted pounds
  • Stabilizes blood sugar
  • Decreases insulin needs for diabetics
  • Balances hormones
  • Creates healthy, glowing, skin and hair – there is lots of glowing skin and hair in my household now. Even my hairdresser couldn’t get over how much my hair had grown in just 5 weeks.
  • Sleep less and still feel rested – This has been true for me!
  • Changes your immune system – Yes a stronger immune system means you don’t get sick.

Best of all this super superfood does all of this and more with no adverse or harmful side effects.

Don’t take my word for it, read on to hear from the CEO and 2 world famous doctors who use the product in their practice.

My discovery of the most nutritious super superfood on the planet was synchronistic with a little out of this world magic involved. .I had just met with my holistic nutritionist, Karen Roth. Yes, I confess I am the holistic nut on a mission…but that doesn’t mean you have to be. Anyway she reviewed my food diary and to my surprise told me I was low on minerals.

My first thought, “oh no, low on minerals equals premature aging and other dire health consequences”.

But I kept my southern girl composure and averted a total flip out. I cooly and calmly got in my car and headed straight to Whole Foods, which was literally across the street. Holistic nutrition office right across the street from Whole Foods, I love it! I was strolling down the freezer aisle wondering what I could make for dinner that night, when my eyes focused in on E3LIVE in a bottle. I had heard of it, but didn’t know much about it.

Carol Alt

All I remembered was that I had read that Carol Alt, a model now in her 50’s who looks fantastic, consumes E3Live religiously.

I didn’t give it a second thought, until I turned the corner and an older gentlemen gently grabbed my arm. My first thought was do I know this guy? Is he getting fresh? But turns out he was a sweet old man who was doing an “in store” demonstration. Enthusiastically he asked if I had heard of E3LIVE. I said yes, but I don’t really know much about it.

This is what he told me:

  • E3LIVE is the most nutrient dense food known to mankind. That sure caught my attention.
  • E3LIVE has more biologically active chlorophyll than any known food….significantly more than wheat grass. I certainly want all the chlorophyll I can get…it is very similar to human blood and has been shown to help boost hemoglobin production which helps the body carry more oxygen in the blood. Cancer can not survive in an oxygenated system. Chlorophyl also detoxifies the liver which is where the blood is purified. It also has anti bacterial properties.
  • E3LIVE provides more than 65 vitamins and minerals, amino acids (protein) and Omega 3 and Omega 6 essential fatty acids. He told me to look no further I would get all the nutrients and minerals I need from E3LIVE.

Gabriel Cousens

He then showed me material from Dr. Gabriel Cousens. Dr. Cousens had seen amazing results in his practice with Alzheimers, Addiction, Autism, ADD, Severe Depression and more.

Wow, I knew exactly who Dr. Cousens was… a world famous M.D. and founder of The Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center. He has written several best selling books including Conscious Eating”. He uses E3LIVE in his practice and has seen remarkable results.

The older gentlemen could tell that I was truly interested and off I went with a cd and my first bottle of E3LIVE. I got in the car, immediately popped in the CD and was blown away by the information. On the CD, Tamara Campbell, the CEO of the company explained that E3LIVE is the world’s first and only fresh frozen species of Blue Green Algae called Aphanizomeon flos-aquae or AFA for short. There are other brands on the market but they are not fresh frozen and therefore not as superior as E3LIVE. AFA grows in only one place in the world, the Klamath Lake in Oregon.It is not a laboratory creation, but a wild natural grown food created by mother nature. It is a complete whole food containing over 64 vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and naturally occurring Omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids and significantly more chlorophyll than wheat grass. E3LIVE also has naturally occurring phenylethylamine (PEA) which is known as the “love molecule” found in chocolate. E3LIVE is basic cellular nutrition and has everything needed to create vibrancy in the body.

There is a 2nd version of E3LIVE called E3LIVE BRAIN ON, ( me and my family take this) which has twice the amount of PEA, the love molecule, as the E3LIVE. More PEA means more happy feelings and better focus and clarity. It’s even MD endorsed.

The CEO stated that they are so sure of what E3LIVE can do for you that if you do not notice a difference in how you feel they will offer you up to a 1 year total refund.


(I have now been consuming the E3LIVE BRAIN ON for over a year and continue to feel amazing on it.)

This was more proof for me, because I know that a company cannot afford to offer this kind of money back guarantee unless it is truly an amazing product with amazing benefits. (This money back guarantee is even stated on the bottle)

The next person to speak on the CD was Dr. Brian Clements, the director of The Hippocrates Institute, which is the #1 medical spa in the world. He uses E3LIVE at his spa. He emphasizes healing through living foods. 15 years ago Brian did an 18-month double blind study of E3LIVE with 284 people with amazing results. Because so many people come back to the spa year after year, 3 years later he was able to follow up with 75% of the people in the study. He could not believe what he discovered. Scientist had always known that the constitution of physiological health that a person is born with which is inherited from their parents and ancestors could never be changed. After looking at blood results he brought in 10 scientists to study the results and they all agreed that the actual constitution of physiological health had changed. To this day E3LIVE is the only food able to do this.

The last person on the CD was Dr. Gabriel Cousens. He has seen remarkable improvements with Alzheimer’s patients and even published his results.

One patient could not talk, dress himself or even focus enough to watch TV. Just days after he started consuming E3LIVE he started to talk and then very soon after was able to dress himself and watch TV. He also has seen amazing results with Autistic children. He had a child who could not speak and 1 month after he began consuming E3LIVE the child began talking up a storm.

He has also seen severely depressed people have their depression lift in a matter of days.

Dr. Cousens said that when E3LIVE is given orally within 2 hours 40% of the natural killer cells go into the tissue where they are more effective. Believe me you want your Natural Killer cells working for you. They fight all sorts of diseases and bacteria including cancer. Dr. Cousens also explains that E3LIVE has all the B vitamins and is extremely high in B12. For vegetarians the average daily dose will supply your total daily needs of B12.

Dr. Cousens admits that he doesn’t specialize in weight issues but speculates that weight loss is due to enhanced moods and nutritional needs being met therefore cravings are reduced.

Dr. Cousens also explained the amazing results he has seen with addiction. He stated that people who are addicted to alcohol or drugs have pleasure centers in their brains that are not quite working. The dopamine receptor centers are not working because the levels are off. E3Live normalizes those areas, literally biologically altering the brain, which cuts down on cravings. Dr. Cousens said that when patients consumed other species of blue green algaes their improvements went away. There is definitely something very unique and healing about E3LIVE that other algaes do not have.

I was also quite impressed to learn that Dr. Cousens does not represent or distribute or have any financial interest in E3LIVE because he says, if something better is discovered, he will be free to recommend it to his patients.

The really sad part of the story is that Dr. Cousens has tried to get the FDA to look at E3LIVE and his published results with Alzheimer’s patients, but they have not shown any interest. I personally watched my grandmother slowly die from Alzheimer’s and it is such a horrific disease. To think that there is something out there that can make a difference that is being kept under wraps is just inhumane. The good news is that we can each make a difference by spreading the news.

You also may be surprised to know that the founder of Alcoholic’s Anonymous, Mr. Bill W. discovered that vitamin therapy, specifically vitamin B3, had greatly helped him and 30 of his friends with alcohol addiction. Remember E3LIVE has all the B Vitamins. When he presented the information to the medical members of AA’s board of directors, who had been appointed by Bill himself, they told him he “had no business messing with treatments using vitamins because they did not work”. Bill W. had spent a lot of time and effort doing research and putting together a pamphlet, but it was never allowed to be distributed at AA meetings. What a tragic turn of events that probably has cost hundreds if not thousands of lives. You can read more in The Vitamin Cure for Alcoholism by Abram Hoffer MD and Andrew Saul PHD.

I personally think E3LIVE is a major game changer when it comes to good health and aging less.

Knowing what I know now I could not possibly deprive my family of the benefits this super food has to offer. We have now been taking the E3 Live for over a year and I am still noticing a lot of glowing skin and hair, and brighter moods. I also notice that even if I don’t get enough sleep I still feel good.

As a mom who is a health nut I have often stressed over what my teenagers are eating away from home, but now I feel a lot better knowing they are getting E3LIVE, a super super food every day. You may be thinking what does something like this cost. When I stopped to think about what we spend our money on every day and the amazing benefits E3LIVEproduces it is truly money well spent.

  • Starbucks Coffee $4.00
  • Pinkberry $4.00
  • Big Mac $4.00
  • Gatorade 16 oz $3.50
  • Gallon of Gas $4.75
  • Baskin Robins $3.25
  • Apps $0.99 – 5.99

Here in Los Angeles I can get a bottle at Whole Foods for $36 which has 32 1 tablespoon servings. My family is each taking 1 Tablespoon in the morning and 1 Tablespoon in the afternoon, so for each family member that’s about $2.25 a day. I also am saving money on supplements that I know longer need to buy, like fish oil pills or multi vitamins. You can order from my site and you will get it at 20% off, but you do have to order at least 6 bottles at a time. Shipping is free. w That brings the cost down to $28.71 per bottle or 89 cents per serving or $1.78 per day.

I like to pour 1 tablespoon of E3LIVE into a shot glass and then fill the rest up with orange juice. I would say that E3LIVE plain by itself taste somewhat like wheat grass, but mixed with a little orange juice it is yummy. The company recommends you start out with 1 teaspoon a day and then work your way up to 1 Tablespoon a day and more. Keep in mind E3LIVE is very detoxifying and that is why you want to start out slow and work your way up. If you experience a headache or even naustiousness, your body is detoxing.

I personally started my whole family out on 1 Tablespoon 2 x a day and we did not experience any headaches. Keep in mind every person’s body is different. If you have a serious health issue, you will want to work your way up to drinking a bottle a week, which is still cheaper than medication or doctors visits. This company does zero advertising. It is strictly word of mouth. The information on E3LIVE is too vital to keep all to yourself. So many people in this world are needlessly suffering because of lack of information. I truly believe we can each make a huge difference by sharing this information person to person.


E3Live continues to be one of the best things I have ever done for myself and my family. Everyone deserves to know about the brain boosting and age reversing superfood E3LIVE.

The Ageless Beauty Report carries E3 Live and is the only website that only charges $4.95 for shipping. Other websites charge $30 for shipping.