Delicious to Eat Nutrient Packed Treat

A gourmet chocolate truffle that may be the most super nutritious thing you eat all day? Yes I know it is hard to believe, but I have found the holy grail of chocolate truffles. Actually these truffles found me.

A friend kept telling me how wonderful they taste and how nutritious they are and how she feels so amazing after she eats them. I thought to myself, “I eat a lot of superfoods and most of the super nutritious chocolate treats I have tasted are so dense and rich that I really don’t care for them.”

Then one day my friend presented me with a box of “Energy Truffles”. It was one of the best gifts I have ever gotten.

They are sweet but not too sweet and bursting with flavor. There’s Peanut Butter, Orange, Salted Fudge, Vanilla, Cinnamon, Coconut, Mint, Berry, and Cayenne. Something for everyone. Even my kids love them. Finally a wonderful guiltless treat to eat.

“Energy Truffles” are chock full of ingredients that are so good for you. All different kinds of nuts and cacao powder and acai berry and camu camu berry and coconut oil, and chia seeds and the list just goes on and on. No wonder I feel so good after eating an “Energy Truffle”.

I have blogged about the anti-aging benefits of many of these ingredients. You may recall:

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I have to admit that I do have a sweet tooth so I am really happy to have been introduced to a treat that is actually good for me. In the case of my sister who is diabetic, she will be so excited to have a treat that she can eat.

A gift of “Energy Truffles” may be the first time someone is introduced to super foods and be the catalyst for adding them to their diet. It is also the perfect gift for your health conscious friends.

Made with 100% organic or wild crafted ingredients that are mostly raw, “Energy Truffles” were created as a healthier candy option for kids. As the owner says, “I wanted to create a nutrition packed treat that my kids would beg to eat.” I can tell you that adults are begging to eat them as well.

The website is also educational and thought provoking. Go to for more information, and to find out if they are sold at a store near you. You can also order directly from the website.

Energy Truffles are more than delicious, they are a treat for your overall health and well being.

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