Color Therapy Slows Aging

I recently went to my holistic doctor for an alignment issue only to discover that my lymphatic system was not working at 100% capacity. The holistic doctor prescribed “Color Therapy”. I had never heard of it. He told me it was a very common therapy in Europe but had not really caught on yet here in the U.S.

So of course I went home and did some research. Turns out Color Therapy has been around for thousands of years and is now starting to be used in hospitals.

Leanne Venier Take a look at this painting by color therapy expert Leanne Venier. How does it make you feel?


Leanne Venier

Now take a look at this Leanne Venier painting. How do you feel now?

Color therapy is great for reducing stress, which causes inflammation, which accelerates aging.

Every thing that we can do to reduce stress will slow down the aging process.

Check out this article.

How Color and Art effect Stress and Aging by color expert Leanne Venier and Dr. Richard D. Hammer

Leanne also does a great job explaining color therapy in this featured news segment.