Cold War Russian Immune Booster

I am amazed that after all these years, I am still discovering powerful ways to boost the immune system and slow down the aging process.

Yes the immune system is everything when it comes to aging. All you have to do is look in the mirror to see the aging effects of a cold, the flu, chronic disease, or life threatening illness.

When the immune system operates at full capacity, you feel better, look better and age less.

About a month ago I came across something that blew my mind. A discovery that Russia had made during the cold war. They developed this immune boosting discovery to protect their military from biological warfare.

Whoa, this really caught my attention.

If something can make your immune system strong enough to survive biological warfare, what can it do for the other every day health issues?

In the early 1960’s a scientific team in Bulgaria, led by microbiologist Ivan Bogdanov (MD, PhD) discovered a variety of lactobacillus strain that boosted the immune system. He was successful in eliminating a sarcoma in laboratory animals with this new discovery. He also discovered that the sarcoma did NOT come back.

In 1979, a Soviet Union biological warfare research laboratory accidentally released anthrax near the city of Sverdlosk. This is when the Soviet military ask the government to develop a way to provide protection against biological warfare including anthrax, the plague and smallpox.

A special research institute conducted the research and identified a “lactobacillus cell wall fragment” as a powerful immune booster.

In 1999, John Sichel, a licensed pharmacist, was introduced to the lactobacillus cell wall product from Russia.

He gave the product to his daughter Pam who had the flu. Within 12 hours she was well.

Pam continued to take the product to combat Hepatitis C and to improve her energy.

After 6 months on the product, her doctor could no longer find any trace of the Hepatitis C.

If you know anything about Hepatitis C it can be extremely hard to get rid of.

John decided to teach himself Russian, so that he could travel to St. Petersburg to meet with the scientist who developed this amazing immune boosting product.

John acquired the rights, came back to the United States, where he encapsulated the product. John was even successful at improving on the original product, that is now called “Del-Immune V”.

Here in America, we are not allowed to make any health claims about any product that is not a drug. But, I can tell you that I keep reading some pretty amazing stories.


DelImmune60cap__91232.1414604190.360.360-300x270Del-Immune is used to support the immune system in a variety of conditions, including the common cold, flu, cancer, sinusitis, HIV/AIDS, and every other issue that can benefit from a stronger immune system.

It is used as a supporting medication during antibiotic therapy for

  • Bacterial, viral and fungal infections
  • Skin infections
  • Bronchial and pulmonary diseases,
  • Allergic conditions
  • Asthma
  • And Chronic fatigue

Del-Immune is also used as an adjunctive medication during chemotherapy and radiation. Some people report that it lessons the side effects.

Del-Immune is one of the most thoroughly researched probiotic-derived supplements in the world, studied by scientists in Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine and today in the United States. Click here to read studies.

You can think of Del-Immune as vitamins for your immune system.

It naturally activates your immune system to create a hostile environment for pathogens in your body. This in turn blocks the development of colds, influenza, and other diseases.

If you are already sick, Del-Immune can relieve symptoms and help you recover faster/

What is in Del-Immune?

Each Del-Immune V immune support capsule contains 25 mg Lactobacillus rhamnosus (DV strain) lysate powder. Other ingredients include purified cellulose powder NF and vegetable capsules. Del-Immune is gluten and dairy free.

How should I take Del-Immune?

For immediate immune support, take one capsule in the morning and one at night for four days or longer; thereafter, take 1 capsules daily for at least five days. Many health professionals recommend more frequent dosing, as many as 1 capsule 4 – 5 times throughout the day for chronic or life threatening illness.

I personally am taking 1 capsule every day. If I were to feel like I am coming down with something I would take 1 capsules 3 times a day until I was better, and then go back down to a maintenance dose.

Are there side effects?

There are no known side effects and it can be taken on a continuous basis. It can also be taken simultaneously with prescription medications and or other nutritional supplements.

I believe Del-Immune is a powerful way to boost the immune system, and create optimal health, which is the only way to truly slow down the aging process.

For your convenience you can now find Del-Immune at TheAgelessBeautyReport