Celebrity Diet Sweeping Hollywood

This new way of dieting is a lifestyle regimen that has always worked well for me.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow told People magazine she eats this way.

I call it Diet all Day, Eat Well at Night

There are many reasons this celebrity diet works so well.

1. You have more energy eating this way

For me “the eat like a king for breakfast and a pauper for dinner”, always left me feeling sluggish and tired throughout the day. I personally have more energy and focus if I eat very sparingly and very healthy for breakfast and lunch.

There is even new research that validates why I feel this way when I eat big during the day.
According to Dr. Mercola
“During the day, your SNS Sympathetic Nervous System promotes energy expenditure and fat burning. It keeps you alert, focused and ready for action. When you’re doing your daily job for instance or when you exercise, you’re under control of the SNS.
But this system cannot tolerate large meals. And every time you eat a large full meal, you shut down your sympathetic nervous system. Instead, you activate the nightly nervous system, which is your PSNS, Parasympathetic Nervous System.” You can read the full article here

2. You don’t feel deprived

I love knowing that at the end of the day I can eat well, within reason of course. I can enjoy a glass of wine or a slice of bread or even dessert. My rule is to just make sure I stop eating before I am full.

3. Fits in with your social life

The hardest part about any “diet” is feeling like you can’t go out to dinner or a party because the food is not on your diet. Food is a huge part of the social scene and every Ageless Beauty wants to be social. If you Diet all Day, Eat Well At Night, you’ll never have to miss a social event again.

Sofia Vergara Sofia Vergara says “My hobby is going out to dinner, so I try to eat healthy during the day so that when I go out to dinner I can kind of eat whatever I want”.

So what do you eat for breakfast and lunch on this Diet by Day, Eat Well at Night?

For breakfast

  • I have a cup of coffee with organic cream, which has zero carbs.
    I also have a shot (1 – 2 Tablespoons ) of E3Live, which also has zero carbs.
    E3Live is the most nutrient dense food on the planet and has way more chlorophyll than wheat grass. To learn more read Superfood of all Superfoods.
  • Or you could have an egg.

For lunch

  • Salad with 4 – 5 ozs. Of chicken or fish
  • Or some steamed vegetables.

Afternoon Snack

  • 1 Cup of berries or
    Cheese and nuts

My personal rule is no sugar, no bread, and very low carb intake before dinner.

Another personal rule for me is that I eat dinner very slowly and within 1 hour (no midnight snacks) and stop eating before I am full. Read Hara Hachi Bu for a more Slimmer and Energertic You.

Do you think this new celebrity diet/lifestyle Diet by Day, Eat Well at Night could work well for you?

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